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  1. wppoetry
    Posted 4 years ago #

    (plugin version 111203)
    I am going mad because of all the mess with so much plugins that 'don't like each other' :-(
    I dropped also W3 Total Cache for Quick Cache and the start was more than good : page load time went down for more than 50% . But the joy was a short-time-alive. After a few fast page loads, at the top of the web page, above my normal dashboard, suddenly appeared the following text in 8-rows :
    siteurl = http://domainname.info
    blogurl =
    home = http://domainname.info
    replace rootpath: /home/allisa1/public_html/domainname.info/ with site url: http://domainname.info/ in plugin path: /home/allisa1/public_html/domainname.info/wp-content/plugins/strictly-google-sitemap/
    plugin url is http://domainname.info/wp-content/plugins/strictly-google-sitemap/
    IN GetOptions
    sitemap_file_count = 1
    pluginpath: /home/allisa1/public_html/domainname.info/wp-content/plugins/strictly-google-sitemap/rootpath: /home/allisa1/public_html/domainname.info/plugin url: http://domainname.info/wp-content/plugins/strictly-google-sitemap/xslurl: http://domainname.info/wp-content/plugins/strictly-google-sitemap/sitemap.xslsitemap fullpath: /home/allisa1/public_html/domainname.info/sitemap.xml
    NOTE: real domain name is replaced with 'domainname.info'
    The text shown above pushes the normal dashboard page down, but it's not the worst thing that happens :
    IT ALSO SHOWS UP ON BLOG and pushes the blog pages down the same way.
    This is 100% for sure the result of the Quick Cache plugin (it was the only new plugin I installed ) but I do not have idea where actually those lines are written up , which file(s) I need to look at and how to fix this.
    I removed Quick Cache, cleared cache from browser, but the text remains
    PLEASE if anyone can help me I would be very grateful


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