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  • First let me tell you that this plugin rocks and does what I was looking for. I’ve got two minor problems:

    1. The Quicktag buttons does not show up under HTML post editor


    2. The Adsense block does not top-align with the first paragraph for a top left or right Adsense block.

    I’ve also left a comment on the website and I’ll really appreciate a quick answer.
    I like the plugin so much I’ll purchase the Pro version and I hope you’ll manage to support this plugin in the future.

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  • First of all, thanks for using this plugin. However, I’m no longer the owner of this plugin & have no authority to modify the plugin. Try email the new owner @ for more details.


    The solution for the 1. problem:
    – open quick_adsense.php(it is in wp-content/plugins/quick-adsense)
    – at the 158 line comment out the two add_action lines
    – add this there:
    add_action(‘admin_print_footer_scripts’, ‘ads_head_java’);

    Save an upload to the server, then reload the post editor.

    Thanks man! Hope someone will give me an answer to the second question as well.

    Rezso…! You Rock..! Worked Great…!

    Rezso, Just did that and it worked. Thanks man!

    Once again, this is THE BEST Ad-Sense plugin to be used on a web site. I’ll write an article about it and include this minor fix for showing up the buttons in HTML editor

    Thanks for this fix…worked for me as well.

    Hi, it worked for me too but then it disappeared from my settings section. also when I try to access its settings under plug-ins section it says “You do not have sufficient permissions to access this page” Help!!

    Hi Stravsky,

    The problem could be caused by a couple of things, but I cannot tell without looking into it.

    Here is what you should try:

    1. back up your website to be sure anything happens you have a copy of the site which surely works
    2. deactivate the plugin(if you can’t from the WP administration area then just rename the wp-content/plugins/quick-adsense folder to quick-adsense-test via FTP and this will deactivate the plugin)
    3. from the administration area try to reactivate it and check if this solves the issue.
    4. if the problem still persists then deactivate the plugin and delete all the plugin files via FTP(just this plugin’s files) and reupload the plugin files from your computer(important: you have to upload the files for the same plugin version you had)
    5. activate the plugin and check if the settings work
    6. do the modifications described in the above post once again and make sure you don’t modify anything else

    Let me know if you managed to solve the problem.

    Thanks for advice..I tried uploading from PC but still get same result..Also not sure what you meant by by try to reactivate from administration area (where exactly is that?)
    Also, Is there a way to check I downloaded the same version as before like you said, just in case?

    Well it’s realy hard to guess what could be the problem, but if you trust a stranger you can find my contact details here : and we can dicuss this privately.

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