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  • Hi there,

    Not sure if this is even possible, but I’m hoping someone can help me with this… I have the following setup:

    – I have 3 custom post types (A, B, C)
    – Post types A & B are being used as taxonomies for post type C with this plugin: CPT-onomies
    – On a page I’m using the query-multiple-taxonomies widget to filter the post types C by taxonomies A & B (which are actually post types) by the checkboxes template
    – I made a seperate archive template for post type C
    – As a base url I’m using the slug of post type C
    – The reset url directs back to the page with the widget

    So far so good, everything works great! However, my query url’s look a bit wonky…
    For example, I’m checking 1 taxonomy A value and 1 taxonomy B value, this is the url that’s generated:[post-type-a-slug][]=95&qmt[post-type-b-slug][]=117
    95 and 117 are the values of the post type A & post type B id’s checked as a taxonomy. I would like to rewrite the url like this:

    I tried changing the mustache {{name}} value into {{term-name}} in the checkbox-item.html template but then the filtering doesn’t work anymore.

    Unfortunately I’m not really an expert on url rewriting in wordpress, so I’m stuck on this. I also have no clue how to use the my_qmt_url function, so any help would be welcome.

    Another question is how I can display the selected taxonomy values on the filter results in the archive page?


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