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  • Resolved Vrefr


    Was using QMT with custom taxonomies and everything worked fine.
    But than I added new taxonomy “smoking”. Exactly the same as others. Added posts to this taxonomy.
    Now when I click “smoking=yes” filter in widget it shows me that nothing found.
    What is interesting – if I click other taxonomy like “?objecto=kvartira-2”, and than “?smoking=yes” resulted in
    in this case it filteres out both – smoking and objecto.
    Could you please help to find out what is the problem here???

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  • Plugin Author scribu


    Add this code to your theme’s functions.php file and paste the result back here:

    function debug_tax() {
      echo '<pre>';
    add_action('template_redirect', 'debug_tax');

    Hi Scribu, here it is:

    object(stdClass)#170 (14) {
      string(0) ""
      array(3) {
        string(7) "smoking"
        string(0) ""
      string(7) "smoking"
      object(stdClass)#169 (14) {
        string(21) "Для курящих"
        string(21) "Для курящих"
        string(23) "Поиск рубрик"
        string(21) "Все рубрики"
        string(39) "Родительская рубрика"
        string(40) "Родительская рубрика:"
        string(31) "Изменить рубрику"
        string(31) "Обновить рубрику"
        string(42) "Добавить новую рубрику"
        string(42) "Название новой рубрики"
      string(21) "Для курящих"
      object(stdClass)#171 (4) {
        string(17) "manage_categories"
        string(17) "manage_categories"
        string(17) "manage_categories"
        string(10) "edit_posts"
      string(7) "smoking"
      array(1) {
        string(4) "post"

    In case you need a translation:
    “Все рубрики” – all categories
    “Родительская рубрика” – parent category
    “Изменить рубрику” – change category
    “Обновить рубрику” – refresh category
    “Добавить новую рубрику” – add new category
    “Название новой рубрики” – name of new category

    Hi Scribu,
    did you have a chance to look at it and find the issue?

    Plugin Author scribu


    I think this might have something to do with your theme. Try switching to twentyten and see if the problem persists.

    On twenty ten I lost all my custom taxonomies – of course – as I did written them in functions of child theme 🙂
    But when I turned back to to my theme I needed to recheck all checkboxes in widget area to get widget working again – and oh miracle 🙂 Everyhting works.
    So the desicion is I believe – after you add new taxonomy you need to reactivate you theme again or I also think that if you delete widget and adds new with new taxonomies – it should work!
    Thanks for advise, however everything is OK with the theme it helped me 🙂

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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