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  • Scribu, I noticed both here in a couple of forum posts as well as on the Github issues page that you were thinking of doing a checkbox version to allow easy mutli-selecting. I was wondering if you had already started development on that yet? If not, I am going to need such functionality for a site I’m working on, and would love to go ahead and code it and then turn over any source to you.

    Just wondering if such functionality was nearly code complete or if I could get started on it. Thanks for the great plugin.

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  • Plugin Author scribu


    Yes, I have done some work on it. One of the things that needs doing is mapping the $_GET data into a ‘tax_query’ that can be passed to WP_Query.

    I recommend you start with the development version, or even better, by forking on github.

    Each view is rendered via a walker, which you can see here:

    Great pointer, thanks. I think I’ll fork the GH project, and submit a pull request when finished. Entirely up to you if you choose to accept it. Thanks again!

    Hi Uplink,

    were you able to get the checkbox working.

    Let me know. I also need this functionality

    @plamba, I got about half way through and then had to direct my efforts to another project for a bit, but I recently took it up again and hope to finish that in the next week or so. I’ll post here when I do.

    Hi Scribu,
    first of all thank you!
    The checkbox-thing would help me a lot, i am a student, so not that good in programing(just a little little bit of php..). How can I get checkboxes work?!
    (I am doing the site for my parents 😛 )

    Thank you in advance!!

    This is brilliant plugin, one of those not many, that hits the bull’s eye.

    I agree that checkboxes would look much nicer and less confusing.

    Since i’m not a programmer, i just simply took away list bullets and placed images of checked OR non checked box in front of each li tag.

    Doesnt look gorgeous, but serves the purpose:

    great plugin Guys,
    any progress on the checkboxes?

    Looks like Uplink stopped working on his fork about 7 months ago.

    I had a similar requirement but emulated the effect of checkboxes by using the standard lists and applying CSS styles to show checkbox images (checked/unchecked depending on the state) in the background. Not the same as real checkboxes but it is very responsive as the query is performed immediately once the user clicks on the ‘checkbox’ hyperlink.

    The user thinks they are clicking checkboxes and have the reassurance of seeing ticked choices which is much more intuitive than the + and – hyperlinks that come as default in the list template.

    Scribu and I worked on a couple of pull requests together, but my needs were a little more specific than would be appropriate for a general-purpose plugin. What I have is functioning, however, and you can see it on the site that I implemented it on (my wife’s hobby site: Click on the “Search for the perfect game” dropdown at the top of the page to see it in action.)

    Should anybody want that, I can see what the differences are between that and the current fork that I have up there and update it. Let me know.

    emeraldryan solution sounds like a good compromise for now.
    Any chance of viewing it in action?

    @lukehm It is in a development environment at the moment but if you email me ( then I can send you some more info.

    @joshua Lyman. What you have created for your wife is exactly what Im looking for. I would be grateful for any help in recreating what you have done on a site I am working on.Email.



    Selvester, I’ll try and update the Github fork of it I made ( to reflect the most recent changes, which you can then grab and use. I’ll let you know when it’s available.

    Okay, I updated my version of the code, which is now unfortunately a few versions behind scribu’s official plugin. However, hopefully Lee will be able to use this for his project.

    You can get the code on the “checkbox-work” branch on my Github page here: You can just download the zip from there, and you should be good to go.

    @joshua Lyman Wow, I’m with Selvester. The taxonomy filtering you did on your wife’s site is what I’ve been searching for as well. I thought I had found it with query-multiple-taxonomies but the checkbox function does not drill down.

    When I saw what you’ve done, I was elated. However, I’ve tried using the update you posted on GH but get error messages. The zip was missing some files in the scb folder. I tried adding back the missing files but with no success. After several attempts to integrate your updated code with the original plugin, I’m stuck. I am not a programmer unfortunately.

    I would REALLY appreciate any assistance you can provide. Feel free to contact me directly. Thanks!

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