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  • I have been trying to manipulate the return URL for dropdown results, but nothing is working. I even tried hardcoding a URL for qmt_url function in my functions.php but that doesn’t seem to change how the results are returned (maybe it only works for lists!?).

    The code I think should work, but doesn’t:

    function my_qmt_url() {
        return '/';
    add_filter( 'qmt_url', 'my_qmt_url' );

    Anyway, can someone confrm if returned dropdown URLs can be manipulated. I basically just want to append a variable to the end of the returned URLs, and the closest I ever got would always add it to the start of the base URL and thus try to digest it as part of the query (which is not what I want) … where as I just want the Taxonomy Query plugin to pass it’s current content, but at the stage of requesting the URL, I just want to append something to the URL.

    I know this will work because if I hardcode my var at the end of current returned URLs in the address bar, the submitted dropdown result page works as I want.

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  • Well, I never got this working either…
    Still haven’t figured out how to use this function or even what it does?
    If you happen to got this working and want to share an example with me, I would be very grateful!

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