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  • Hi there, I’ve tried this plugin in on my site:

    I have Autoptimizer installed but I have the Javascript optimization turned off.
    I noticed that Quantcast is now including two pieces of code to paste into the site – at the top and botom. I tried the second part of the code and pasted into the plugin.


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  • Thanks for the update Noel,

    Autoptimizer – I’m not clear about what you are saying in regard to this, can you please explain some more.

    I have had a quick read of their tagging page, and you now have 2 options, this is news to me.

    A. 1 tag at the bottom – Which the plugin in will do now.
    B. 2 tags, 1 at the top and 1 at the bottom

    The plugin does not support B yet. I will build that into version 1.5.

    Thanks again,

    Hi James,

    I’m hoping you can help me, too. I just found out about/signed up with Quantcast today. I installed your plugin, all of which seemed fine, but I keep getting this error message from Quantcast when I go to scan the site:

    Quantcast was unable to find a tag on the URL you entered above. Please make sure the tag is placed on all of the pages of your website exactly as it appears above.

    I’m using the Mystique theme, btw. Anyway, I tried it with enabling the code to go in the footer, then disabling that and having it in the header, but neither one shows up in the code when I check it in the Editor section…which explains why Quantcast can’t do the scan.

    The code also doesn’t show up when I go to my site and click on “View Page Source.”

    I saw your note about excluding the Start & End Tag lines, and I did that as well.

    And finally I should mention that whenever I changed the settings, I did save them and saw the “Settings Saved” note.

    So at this point I’m flummoxed, and any advice you can provide would be much appreciated!


    Hello Rob,

    When checking for the Quantcast code, best way to make sure it is working, is to log out of the wordpress website and then check the source code.

    By default the code will not show on the site for administrators when logged in. Either that, or I often run FireFox and Chrome, one browser I’m logged in, the other I’m not.

    As for Quantcast not verifying your site, that is odd. It appears to work ok for me.

    So, maybe your theme is not putting the code in, do you have a download link for the theme you are using? Or maybe it is caching and Quantcast is being served an old version of your site?

    Please let me know how you get on.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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