[Plugin: qTranslate] WordPress 2.5 compatibility (34 posts)

  1. vean
    Posted 8 years ago #

    Few more details:

    I try this code:
    <?php_e('[lang_en]english text[/lang_en][lang_de]german text[/lang_de]'); ?>
    and I get: Fatal error: Call to undefined function php_e() in

    When I try almost same code from FAQ page ofQTransate:
    <?php _e(’[lang_en]english text[/lang_en][lang_de]german text[/lang_de]’); ?>
    I didn't get any errors but I didn't get any text also.

    If You don't see difference, it is between -->'<-- and -->’<-- signs.

    Everything else is working beautifully, for now.

  2. vean
    Posted 8 years ago #


    I send email to Qian Qin and get answer.
    Probleum is I'm not reading FAQs careflly. :)

    I didn't install .mo files.

    So, for every language You want to use.... INSTALL .mo files, and edit wp-config file. While downloading .mo files watch to CHOOSE it for RIGHT WP version.

    Here is everything nice written:

  3. danaherlihey
    Posted 8 years ago #

    has anyone else found a problem using nextGen gallery when using wordpress 2.5 and the new version of qtranslate? I can't use the add gallery button when writing a post or page. I click insert and nothing happens.

    I can still use a tag but I'm creating this website for multiple authors of various skills and levels and would like them to be able to simply use the button to add a gallery or album or picture.

  4. chineseleper
    Posted 8 years ago #

    Hi all,

    after I've been completely overrun with support requests, I opened a forum on http://www.qianqin.de/qtranslate/forum/
    A lot of questions kept repeating, so to prevent me spending all the time on answering emails and typing the same text over and over again, I'd apreciate it, if you all would post your problems there. If you haven't received an answer to your email yet, please post in the forum.

    Thank you!

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