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  • qTranslate has a serious bug, which causes:
    1. It to insert a new line every time I click refresh at the start and at the end of an article. Whenever it happens when loading or when saving (it seems at loading), I don’t know I just know that an article starts a line lower then it supposed to!
    2. When used without TinyMCE Advanced’s line brake fix, it does not look like a problem, as the wordpress formatter cleans all the code every time, so it stripes empty lines.
    3. But when used with TinyMCE Advanced’s line brake fix, the new lines get converted into <br class=”spacer” /> to save them, so the page gets <br class=”spacer” /> <br class=”spacer” /> <br class=”spacer” /> as many times as you have saved the article.

    I have written detailed examples below, where first I thought that this behaviour is because of TinyMCE Advanced, but its not, it’s a bug on qTranslate’s part!

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  • Hmm, I use TinyMCE Advanced and was looking into qTranslate. Hopefully this bug will be squashed soon.

    It seems that qTranslate is seriously broken!

    1. It inserts <p> </p> before and after every article in all languages!
    2. It inserts <p> </p> before and after every line in the 2nd language!

    Can someone help how could we fix it?

    If I click HTML mode just before clicking save, the bug is not present. Do you know any quick fix for this?

    Have you tried another browser than IE? I remember this IE related issue from serval HTML web editors written in Javascript. Try the same in Firefox and/or Safari and/or Opera.
    If other browsers work, the issue is located at the Javascript of editor.

    I use IE only for testing purposes. I have only tried it in Firefox.

    I have the same problem. I’m using TinyMCE Advanced on many of my sities, and see additional <p> tags on top and bottom of the pages/posts after every update. I’d be very happy having some solution…

    I’m using FF3.6.x and IE8.

    I found a fix: I stopped using qTranslate at all! It’s a shame as I liked how easy it was, but now I use WPML and I like how much more “polite” it is with the wordpress system.

    From my experience so far, qTranslate is just a huge hack, which replaces custom code before showing it on the page, while WPML is truly a multilanguage solution. But the bad side is that qTranslate works on any theme, while WPML needs some support (which is already implemented in the most popular themes BTW).

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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