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    I’m developing a new website with WP 3.1 beta2. I usually don’t use beta version for developments, but the reason I’ve used 3.1 is that I needed to use the new Post Type archive.

    Now that I’ve installed qTranslate 2.5.13, and showed the typical sign of “he qTranslate Editor has disabled itself because…. “

    I’ve harcoded the QT_SUPPORTED_WP_VERSION to 3.1-beta2 and the sign dissapear, but what happens is that I can’t see the content in both languages (I’m using English and Spanish). I only see blank fields, even in the posts i had completed the title and content.

    I’m afraid that it has to do with the new TinyMCE upgrade in WP 3.1

    Is there any plan to upgrade the plugin soon to be compatible with WP 3.1 ? Or schedulle ?

    Or… does anyone has an idea how can I fix this issue temporaly ?


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  • Any idea there ?

    Hi all, sorry to insist but is there any idea about qtranslate update compatible with WP 3.1 ?


    Hi all !

    Does anybody has any news about this topic ? Any news about qtranslate update to be compatible with 3.1 ?


    Now that I’ve updated WP to 3.1 (final version) I still have the same problem

    Any others there ?

    qTranslate works for me in WP3.1 final, that is, our website still functions.

    Only the integration in the WP Admin seems broken. This might have something to do with the TinyMCE update in WP3.1. However, using the <!–en–> tags in the editor still works.

    Oh god I just broke my biggest client’s website.. I really hate q-translate. It doesn’t seem to work with anything.

    WP 3.0.5 seems to work fine with q-translate but now with 3.1 update I cannot see the admin texteditor input fields at all!


    Restore your backup from before you upgraded to WP3.1?

    We’ll that might be a quick fix but I still need to get 3.1 up and running eventually

    I guess qTranslate will have support for 3.1 eventually. Otherwise, you can fix it yourself of course, source is available.

    The qTranslate plugin usually gets updated a little while after a new WP version has been released (the author says 1-2 weeks usually). Hence the notice not to use it with an unsupported version of WP – I’d love to have an update as well, as a project needs WP3.1, but it’s a great plugin for free, so I’m just happy it gets updated at all!

    Like marcokrikke said, I think this time the problem is caused by TinyMCE update.
    I hope It can be fixed sood !

    If anyone find a quick solution, please post it here




    waiting for its new updating to mach WP3.1 as well.

    Just open qtranslate.php and edit line 79:

    define(‘QT_SUPPORTED_WP_VERSION’, ‘3.1’);

    @baga: that just removes the warning, but does not fix the issues mentioned above.

    Hi Marco my site is working perfectly and I use 10 different languages.

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 26 total)
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