[Plugin: Qtranslate] How to make a line break inside the gettext php function (1 post)

  1. simbian
    Posted 6 years ago #

    Hello, i use the php gettext function in conjuction to this plugin to output proper translated text in my theme:

    <?php _e('<!--:en-->some english text<!--:--><!--:it-->some italian text<!--:-->'); ?>

    If i want to write other text but in next line how i can put the break?
    I tried like that:

    <?php _e('<!--:en-->some english text<!--:--><!--:it-->some italian text<!--:-->', '<!--:en-->more english text<!--:--><!--:it-->more italian text<!--:-->'); ?>

    but it doesnt show the second part! (also no errors returns).
    I also tried " instead of '

    or the only solution is to write 2 php gettext functions?

    <?php _e('<!--:en-->some english text<!--:--><!--:it-->some italian text<!--:-->'); ?>
    <?php _e('<!--:en-->more english text<!--:--><!--:it-->more italian text<!--:-->'); ?>

    A last question, it's also possible to insert some html code inside the php gettext function? Because if yes i could use
    tag for example as solution.

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