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  • I am having the same issue, all paragraph formatting is being lost when I edit a page.

    Have it too. WordPress 3.3.1, and qTranslate v. 2.5.28.
    Formatting is lost after edit, get whole text in one line.

    Here also, having nothing but problems with this plugin. Formatting the text to one line and permalinks are not working properly.

    Hi, duckonwater

    What’s the hacks?

    Same problem as everyone. The site looks a mess…
    Any way to circumvent the problem?

    Same problem here… hopefully there will be a solution for this problem.
    If nit, are there any other good translation plugins?

    Have the same problem with editing pages; however, editing posts seems to be OK.

    Hi, I have found some more information on the internet of finding a solution to this problem:

    Unfortunately I don’t know where to insert this code. I can go to the plug-in and than the edit part… but I really don’t know where to insert the code (don’t even know what part of the code I need to insert).

    Hopefully this will help someone else!

    Adding these lines to functions.php file in the theme directory seems to be working for me (but I have not tested it thoroughly):

    function cbnet_tinymce_config( $init ) {
    	$init['remove_linebreaks'] = false;
    	$init['convert_newlines_to_brs'] = true;
    	$init['remove_redundant_brs'] = false;
    	return $init;
    add_filter('tiny_mce_before_init', 'cbnet_tinymce_config');

    I just got a response from the creator of the code:

    It works perfectly for me now! 🙂

    I find that the cbnet_tinymce_config fix breaks ordered lists by inserting extra space between the entries on each page save.

    Does anybody else have the same issue?

    Id suggest another possible fix for WP 3.3.1.

    Open qtranslate/qtranslate_wphacks.php file, find line 77.

    And replace this:

    if(‘html’ != wp_default_editor()) {
    remove_filter(‘the_editor_content’, ‘wp_richedit_pre’);


    $version = (float) get_bloginfo( ‘version’ );
    if ( $version < 3.3 ) {
    if(‘html’ != wp_default_editor()) {
    remove_filter(‘the_editor_content’, ‘wp_richedit_pre’);

    This simply disables filter removing for WP 3.3.1. After doing that, all my formatting in posts and pages was correct.

    Hope it works for others too.

    Tried the solution from raido… and now my site is completely crashed…

    Just reversed the change and its working again…

    Using hotfix pages saving seems ok, but now the articles saving in 3 languages (DE, IT, EN) is buggy.
    Primary language DE is ok, but the structure of IT/EN in WYSIWYG is cutted from :

    <p>Introtext <!--more--></p>
    <p>[gallery link="file"]</p>


    <p>Introtext <!--more--></p>

    It looks like having some pronlem with <!–more–> tag.
    As non-PHP-coder I dont’t know how to continue with a ML-Blog, if qTranslate is so buggy.

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 16 total)
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