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  • In my case, the file qtranslate_hooks.php is generating the error between lines 51-61:

    Undefined index: language in \wp-content\plugins\qtranslate\qtranslate_hooks.php on line 51
    Undefined index: in \wp-content\plugins\qtranslate\qtranslate_hooks.php on line 61

    If it’s any help.

    Have the same problem with qTranslate (EN + FR) in WP 3.3.

    Not only editor but also titles.
    Titles created with previous version (i.e. <!--:fr-->test post<!--:--><!--:en-->post test<!--:-->) don’t get replaced with the two corresponding text input now.

    Global translation seems to be working as before.

    Mainly my post was to “poke” the plugin author πŸ™‚ the problem occurs on all the WordPress 3.3 installations since the editor was altered in 3.3 (read more:


    I’m not sure if this will fix your specific issue but, here my small manual how to make qTranslate work with WP 3.3: (generaly fixed issue with editor):

    This is awesome, thank you. Hope it’ll get into the official plugin soon!

    EDIT: Just tried it, unfortunately it doesn’t provide full functionality.

    Thank you zahar.chernov for suggestion.
    It fixed the “titles’ input box” problem for me but unfortunately editor has still bugs.

    Added a reply in the qTranslate forum to expose my experience in the hope that it can help.

    I saw your comment in forum. It sound like issues that i had in the middle of the fix. I just publish download link to zip, with code that running in my system, can you try to download it and test with this code.

    I’m not developer of this plugin. Just fixing functionally that not working for me. I can try help you, if you tell me where you have problem.

    Yes, I am aware of that πŸ™‚ thanks for the effort all the more!

    For my work it is not really essential to upgrade to 3.3, so I can wait.
    I just wanted to give this problem a place to be solved or even just to share each others bugfixes.

    If I can take the time I will look further into the occurring problems. For now I’m just a silent reader Qian’s forum πŸ™‚

    Thank you! its working perfectly!

    thanks a lot, but still problems with editor.

    Ok, I installed this new version, which is 2.5.25b, then changed qtranslate_javascript.php as in

    but, have problem – can’t switch between languages tab. If I switch, I loose work done in previous tab. does anyone has solution?

    currently the only solution is to save draft before moving between language tabs. Hope someone will solve this issue soon.

    Author Posted some changes and it works , it is a beta version, here’s the download link

    once page’d loaded, appears
    qtranslate.php (1 diff)
    qtranslate_hooks.php (4 diffs)
    qtranslate_javascript.php (7 diffs)
    qtranslate_wphacks.php (5 diffs)

    open each link and go to bottom of the page and it appears
    Download in other formats:
    Plain Text | Original Format

    download as original format and replace them to the plugin folder

    If you download qtranslate 2.5.25 and replace it, it seems to work ok.

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 16 total)
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