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  • I’ve installed, activated, copied the php files to my theme folder and what do I get ?
    Just a complete unworkable mess.
    It’s knocked my widgets out of line and doesn’t fit in the page.

    My theme is not complicated, but I tried it with other themes and it doesn’t even show up, just a plain white screen. (php error?)

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  • Try deactivating all plugins but Q A.

    No good.
    I have it partly working on another blog, but it’s totally messed up my one column.
    It looks awful!
    Does this happen to other people too?
    Ive tried three different wordpress installations and about 10 different themes.
    Is this plugin designed to not smoothly fit in a theme so that you ask for premium support?

    Try using another WP theme. It works on all of my WP installs, which is about 11.

    It doesn’t appear to be working with Artisteer generated themes or Buddypress_default theme.

    Can anyone help ?

    So we are now narrowing it down to themes as the problem?

    I disagree, I think we are narrowing it down to the plugin, it’s a job half done.

    Even in the themes that it does work in, the Q&A form is poorly aligned, no margins, or doesn’t fit in the page space and looks ugly. There are loads of themes it doesn’t just fit in.

    The most obvious (user friendly) way to create this plugin, would have been to create a new page in wordpress and add a shortcode to that page.

    One might think that it was done this way on purpose?
    (Heaven forbid)

    Sorry got the script mixed up with this one which is good :

    *you’ve been talking about a completely different plugin all this time?*

    Yes and may I ask your forgiveness? They are so close in name.

    would you like to test my theory for me ?

    Theory of life? Sure, lets test.

    LOL – if you have the time perhaps you could let me know if the Q&A plugin is as user unfriendly for your themes, as it is for mine.
    (no one else seems to be answering here, I guess because WPMU provides premium support for this plugin)

    Why not just install it?

    I installed Q&A plugin and tested it with the default theme twentyeleven. It messed up the content area, no margin at all.
    However, I was able to fix it by wrapping the content of q&a template with a container div like this

    <div id="content" role="main">
       <div id="qa-page-wrapper">

    #qa-page-wrapper has a float property and a floating div can mess up the layout easily. So wrapping the floating div with a container div that belongs to your theme should fix it.

    I’m sorry I don’t understand, there are eight default templates from what I can see, where does this code go?
    Also, my problem is not just the margin, but the plugin displaces the columns, putting my widgets all over the place.

    No one from incsub somes to support their lite version here, it’s jusst a really ugly marketing ploy.

    I wouldn’t mind if they just said buy it and get it, but when there are not even promises that it works in the first place, Incsub appear to be a bunch of cowboys. It’s bordering on criminal.

    I dont’ understand how a plugin that doesn’t even work with the default wordpress theme, can get 45 votes and almost 5 stars.
    Has the world of open source been bought out?

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