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  • I’m trying out the Q and A – FAQ Plugin, and I have a FAQ page that’s a parent Page, set with the [qa] code. However, the FAQ page has child pages. I’ve set QA categories so I can use [qa cat=”some-cat-slug”] on those, to break them up into sections.

    Unfortunately, the plugin renders any child pages of a Parent that has [qa] in it to go to 404’s. Even though the child Pages exist, if the FAQ is on the parent page, the children all go away.

    I also attempted to remove the [qa] from the parent page (it was *named* FAQ – so I don’t know if the name itself has something to do with it) and just leave them separated on the child pages, but the children were still 404’d. I don’t know if this holds, though – because once I deactivated the plugin, the child Pages still went to 404. When I reloaded, the child pages went to the home page. When I tried a third time, they finally did what they were supposed to do – so it seems like the system was playing “catch up” with the plugin being shut off.

    In any case, after disabling the plugin, the child Pages worked fine.

    A NOTE: the plugin – aside from the above – works perfectly fine. It’s actually quite nice. I’m giving it 4 stars – it would be 5 if the child Page thing weren’t an issue, because it is a really good one 🙂

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  • Okay, I know it’s only been a few minutes, but I have an update: I tried it again. Funnily enough, it worked fine. BUT when I added another category, the child Pages went to 404’s again. The hoops I had to jump through are as follows:

    1. When creating a new category, I’d have to deactivate the plugin. (upon doing this, all the child Pages would redirect to the home Page.)
    2. Go to the parent FAQ page and remove the [qa] shortcodes, and save it. (after doing this, the child Pages with the [qa] shortcode in it would finally go to their own Pages, as they should)
    3. Go back to the parent FAQ page, and re-enter the shortcode.
    4. Re-activate the plugin.

    As long as I did those steps after I created a new category, the plugin would work fine, and all the Pages would show as they should. Adding new FAQ questions doesn’t seem to have an effect on this – only adding new categories does.

    So whatever bug this is, hope that helps somehow.

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