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    Why is Cloudinary pushing images back to WordPress?

    Everything seems to be working site wise; images are visible, nothing appears to be broken. The auto-sync to Cloudinary is working. Except Cloudinary is uploading gigabytes of images back to my site. Why? And how do I stop this?

    WP 5.4 + Cloudinary 2.0.3

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  • I’m facing the same problem. My wordpress size has increased, almost twice of the original size.All of the images suddenly been stored in wp-content/uploads/2020/04 after I updated the plugin.

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    Hi @red_wolf and @angah85,

    The new plugin’s architecture is designed to keep the WordPress storage in-sync with Cloudinary. Meaning, assets are stored in both places, and that might increase the WordPress storage or the Cloudinary storage (depending on whether you’ve moved from v1 or had a fresh install).

    This was implemented to deal properly with the scenario where one decides to disable the plugin. In such case, all assets must return to be delivered from the local environment, to avoid any broken URLs of delivered assets. It also allows us to fall-back to the local storage in case anything goes wrong.

    With that being said, it is indeed on our roadmap to allow users to use our plugin without having to keep the assets stored in their local storage too, for as long as the plugin is active.



    Why on earth was this turned on by default? It’s continuously crashing my site as Cloudinary spams gigabytes of images back. This is not a feature, it’s massive bug that’s impacting my hosting arrangement.



    Hello @red_wolf @red_wolf

    Indeed this feature would be really appreciated, it makes sense to store a copy of all assets for the reasons you’ve mentioned but simultaneously the whole purpose of this plugin is to decouple the media assets from the wp backend

    I’ve had exactly the same issue. Which is a croc.
    Why would I want my images on both my WP site and on Cloudinary?
    I took them off WP to put on Cloudinary because I began running out of space.
    There is no point in having them in both. If I’m going to be forced into having them in my WP, then I may as well ditch Cloudinary. Right!?

    Let users turn OFF the auto sync and then you’ve got yourself a working plugin. Until then, useless and pointless.

    @red_wolf @alingham @angah85 @leiho

    The plot is a little muddier as V2.x will also automatically copy ALL media from your site to your Cloudinary account – automatically.

    I use Cloudinary for images only and keep all audio and video locally on the website.

    Since I had disaster while testing V2-beta I was watching for problems and was able to disable the plugin and stop transfer of all my audio and video to Cloudinary. It only managed to transfer a couple of dozen video files.

    I asked about this and Cloudinary Erwin said, “Syncing all of the media to cloudinary and deliver through Cloudinary is one of the promises for our plugin. Having more granular control of what type of asset to sync and deliver through Cloudinary is not supported with v2.”

    He also explained “When you are adding a media, you can either through Upload from local file and this will automatically synced to your Cloudinary account, or through Media Library, which you can upload assets from your Cloudinary account.”

    All auto…. no user choice or control….

    I use my home pc to test my live site have it linked to my live site Cloudinary account so I can see what is happening, but keep my pc site lean. I did not realise that Cloudinary will also download all my account images to it, if it gets the chance…..

    Thanks for that heads-up!

    Unless Cloudinary change their policy so there is a possible separation of resource types and locations, and user control thereof, it looks like I can never upgrade to V2.

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    Thank you for the feedback. We will add more granular control for the sync. This is something that we will have in our roadmap.

    If you would like to suggest a feature, I would recommend to go to our Roadmap page to submit your idea.

    Erwin Lukas

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