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  • Plugin Author aitosoftware


    I’m sorry to hear our plugin doesn’t work for you. Let’s fix that.

    Do you mean Firefox 6 and IE 9 alert you with a Javascript error or something like that? Can you provide more details about the error:

    • the exact error message
    • the URL you were visiting
    • WordPress version
    • List of other plugins installed and their versions
    • anything else you see or can think of that might be relevant

    These would help a lot to diagnose the problem!


    Sorry, can’t. Becouse FF crash and automaticaly send error-report to mozilla, IE automatic reloaded. And again and again and i don’t now where its reports on my HDD.

    URL – main page of website.

    WordPress 3.2.1

    I think the problem is not exactly in this plugin. Becouse i use a mod_pagespeed for Apache2.

    Why I think this? After your plugin i try another and… same problem!

    And, i think, good idea if you try mod_pagespeed and check your PHP-code for support, hmm, not sure – maybe for JS-minify.

    Plugin Author aitosoftware


    Thanks for the info!

    So I guess we can say that the problem is not in the PulseMaps plugin, but something else in your setup.

    In any case, to be sure, we’ll do some tests with mod_pagespeed and JS-minify, and will report back here about our findings.

    Yes, please. To be sure.

    And good news. I REMOVED (not only deinstall) the similar plugin from wp-content/plugins and tried again and your plugin works now; and FF and IE not crashing.

    I think, may be:
    1. conflict
    2. similar plugin with a BIG BUG

    sorry for mistake and panic.

    I talk about this plugin:

    So, if you want – you can close this topic (i allready changed the answer “broken” to “works”).

    And sorry for panic and thanx for fast answers.

    Plugin Author aitosoftware


    Thanks a lot for investigating the issue further!

    We’ll check for conflicts with the other plugin.

    Plugin Author aitosoftware


    Yep, definitely something wrong with that other plugin (getting a PHP syntax error from it). Found no conflicts with mod_pagespeed or JS-minify.

    Ok, thanks for test and answers.

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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