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  • Resolved richardjay


    For the past three hours I’ve been trying to figure out why the changes I was making to my Menus were not appearing on my site.

    It turned out to be this plugin !!

    Every change you make to your menu, whilst this plugin is activated, is set to be published in the future ! But there would be no way of knowing that, unless you looked at your mysql database which is eventually what I did and found the nav_menu_item showing as “future” rather than “open”.

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  • Plugin Author alexbenfica


    Hi richardjay!

    I’m sorry for this bug. I’ll try to reproduce it here!
    How can I do that… did you use some specific theme?

    I’ll correct it soon as possible!

    Just one question: this nav_menu_item is stored inside wp_posts table?

    nav_menu_item is in wp_posts.

    I don’t think it’s anything to do with my theme (Continuum) as that just uses regular WP menu features.

    I can confirm this bug. I’m using the Atheros theme for my site, but have also tested and confirmed the bug in the Twenty Eleven theme. It’s a shame in an otherwise great plugin.

    Plugin Author alexbenfica


    Hi… I believe you guys… but it is not “A SHAME” as you say nordlund! There are thousand of happt users right now using this FREE plugin!

    I’m doing my best to save some time to work on this but I couldn’t yet. I have bills to pay!

    nordlund: If you really believe it is a shame, I would like to invite you to fix it as soon as possible and send the changes to me so I can make it availble for all users! I really would appreciate some help instead of non constructive critics.

    Hi Alex,

    I’m really truly sorry if I offended you, I’m not a native english speaker and might have phrased it poorly.

    I really think this a really great plugin!

    It’s awesome that it’s provided for free and I’m one of your thousands of happy users. I just wanted to provide some insights I found when debuggning my problem with updating menus, that I managed to reproduce the bug in different themes, one of them the standard twenty eleven theme. I was hoping this would save some trouble when reproducing the bug.

    I’m a novice on the WP database, and have not looked at the plugin code at all. But if I were to find a solution I would of course share it with you and all your users.

    Again, sorry if I offended you. You are doing great work and it’s a great plugin!

    I am also have problem, if scheduled post meet the time for published it’s not published but change status to pending. Any solutions?

    globalaperta, I think that is a bug in wordpress and not in this particular plugin. I’m using the plugin WP Missed Schedule ( it solved the issue of scheduled posts not been published correctly for me.

    Hi all,

    I’ve found a solution that seem to work. In the pts_do_publish_schedule function I added the condition:

    if( !(strstr($_SERVER['REQUEST_URI'], 'wp-admin/post-new.php') || strstr($_SERVER['REQUEST_URI'], 'wp-admin/post.php')) ){
            return $post;

    after the global definitions. I’ve done some quick tests on my site and it seems to do what it should. It schedules my posts and nothing else. Alex maybe you could add this to an update of the plugin.

    Of course this makes the plugin schedule only posts and not pages, which is what I want, but might not be what everybody wants.

    [Edit] Seems like the post.php and post-new.php is used for pages as well, so that behaviour would be unaffected.

    Plugin Author alexbenfica


    Hello everybody!

    4 months after first reported… maybe this bug will be fixed.
    I made a little changed inspired on nordlund’s code snippet below!

    The plugin now will only ACT FOR POSTS, as it should be since the first day. This will problaly solve the problem for pages and menu itens. These now will work like before and Publish To Schedule will only be efective for “posts”.

    I would like nordlund and richardjay to do do more tests with this fix before I make it availble for all users. Could you please help me on that? Sooner I have an answer I’ll publish it!

    The plugin’s PHP file is here. Just backup and replace yours with this one and test it again for me!

    And nordlund… apologies accepted… 🙂 and thank you for your ideia…! I’m not a engilsh native speaker too. What language do you speak?

    I’ve tried the new version and it seems to do what it should. The bug is removed and it’s really nice that it doesn’t schedule pages any more either.

    Great work, I think you can release this.

    Alex: I’m Swedish. Great that you could use my idea to find a solution to this. I think it makes this plugin even greater.

    Plugin Author alexbenfica


    Hi People,

    I fixed this issue!
    If you liked it, please rate the plugin and \ or make a review about it!

    Next update I hope bring the option to allow multiple posts a day!

    Plugin Author alexbenfica



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