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  • The new version of psnGallery (integration of Coppermine in WP) is out.
    View it in action at
    Now in every post, you have access to Coppermine…Album, Pictures via simple tags as “<gallery>”, “<cpg_album>”, “<cpg_thumb>”, “<cpg_gallery>”

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  • Thank you for the update.
    I got Coppermine running yesterday with the plan on trying your integration designs today. This will hopefully make things a little easier to impliment and use.

    I hope so ! :o)

    Well, that didn’t go well.
    I made the changes to the psnGallery2.php file and uploaded it to my plug-in’s directory.
    On the Plugins Management page of my WP admin, it lists the whole code of the psnGallery2.php file, rather than showing a name and description.
    Any ideas?

    what is the name of the file ? psnGallery2.phps ? if yes, rename it as psnGallery2.php

    Are you sure ? I just did as you, a “select all”, copy, paste in a text-editor, save it with the name “psnGallery2.php”, upload on the site, no issue to activate as plugin.
    I also did a “right-click”, “save as” and than upload…no issue !

    I’ll recreate the file and try again.

    There we go!
    Apparently, when I got the file the first time, it copied more stuff than it was supposed to. This time I opened the code in a new window and copied into a blank text file, then saved the name. The first time, I did a “right-click” and saved the file.
    Weird. But at least it shows up properly now.
    I’ll give feedback later as I get things set up.

    Now a zip file is available. To avoid this in the future ;o)

    Thanks Idahocline! This works perfectly and was so nice and easy to install.

    HI idahocline, I read this on your site:

    but I am a newbie to coppermine and I dont know where to find out the album Id…
    and what do I put in beforerow, afterrow, beforeimg and afterimg?
    what sizes are there and how do I specify them?

    albumid means the identificator of the album ;o) (you can find it in the table “cpg_album”.
    the “size” is 1 => Thumbnail, 2 => normal (intermediate), 3 => fullsize
    before img, afterimg are usually “&ltli>” and “&lt/li>

    isnt there an easyer way to find out the id without looking into the database?
    so I have to open mysqadmin everytime I want to link an image?
    lets say , in coppermine, I click on an image and in the end of the url says this: displayimage.php?album=5&pos=0
    ok, that means the album id is 5, so far so good, but I thought that the image id is 0 but when I put 0 in the “link image tag” like this: <cpg_thumb>0|1</cpg_thumb> (0= albumid and 1= size) it links to a completey different image. I dont want to have to access mysql everytime…
    is there an easyer way?

    <cpf_thumb>0|1</cpg_thumb> means display the thumbnail of the image defined in Coppermine for the album 0. If no specific image is defined, take a random one.
    To know the image number, well, I see sql admin, euh…. a list box with all the picture from the specified album…yeap….could be possible…I will check…not bad idea….even for the album…..yes….good one….
    Should try that….I’ll be back with something in few time….

    Thanks! that would be great!!! wow!

    “<cpf_thumb>0|1</cpg_thumb> means display the thumbnail of the image defined in Coppermine for the album 0.”
    that means I cannot just decide to display a specific image or maybe two? I can only display the thumbnail of the image defined in Coppermine for a specific album?
    Is there a way to display a CERTAIN image?

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 138 total)
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