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  • Hi, I upgraded WP to version 3.4 this morning. Suddenly noticed that I was no longer able to unloack the protected posts.
    The password I used is the correct one, nevertheless I just got presented the “enter password” box again.
    I had to deactivate the plugin to be able to make the posts accessible again (but not having the annoying word protected pre-empted again).
    Is this plugin still maintained? Could you habe a look at it please?

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  • Hi.
    I think you might be best switching plugins, since PPP was last updated in 2009 and does not seem to be supported any longer.

    I also have been reverted back to the default message.

    What do you mean by switching plugins? Is there a better one out there? So far I have had no luck finding one that was as easy to use as this, it’s a damn shame.

    @ac1969, I found an old closed post of yours, did you find a better solution?
    I’m guessing your trying this plugin to overcome that problem: “Display protected posts to logged in users”.

    I also have a similar question here, without an answer 🙁

    I found another way to remove the word Protected from the beginning of the post name.
    Credits don’t go to me, I just found the work from someone else (can’t find the data right now, to provide credits to the one who owns it, sorry).
    It’s less elegant than the PPP plugin, but at least provides a workaround for now.

    Deactivate the plugin.
    Insert in the below code in your theme’s function.php file (not the core file):

    function the_title_trim($title) {
    	// Might aswell make use of this function to escape attributes
    	$title = attribute_escape($title);
    	// What to find in the title
    	$findthese = array(
    		'#Protected:#', // # is just the delimeter
    	// What to replace it with
    	$replacewith = array(
    		'', // What to replace protected with
    		'' // What to replace private with
    	// Items replace by array key
    	$title = preg_replace($findthese, $replacewith, $title);
    	return $title;
    add_filter('the_title', 'the_title_trim');

    If I have some more time I will try to fix the plugin if the original creator should not be supporting it any longer.

    Hopefully the developer will fix this soon.

    I just found this and it works well. You can even get find the wording (i.e. “This post is password protected. To view it please enter your password below: “) and alter it to your preference.

    This seems to be an easier way to do this than rely on a plug-in, for me, though it requires a little comfort with code and doesn’t work on as the thread indicates.

    It’s not really recommended to modify the core wordpress files. Firstly because of the risk of breaking something, secondly because your changes will get lost the next time you do an WP upgrade.

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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