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  • Yes, I read about IP blocking from vimeo, but I don’t think that’s happening. Had it working, then stopped, then had it working again. What changed? The image preview. I selected a frame for a thumbnail preview on vimeo and then it broke. Now in proplayer on my site I get

    Video not found

    The thumbnail is the one that existed before I changed it on vimeo. It’s like it’s looking at an old file. I tried going back, didn’t work. I tried replacing the 1234567 (the real link id in vimeo with 2345678 (what showed in the error msg), but got

    Video not found

    I assume this means I got the wrong video.

    Any help is much appreciated.

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  • Think the issue is delay on vimeo’s side in changing how API works with different thumbnails. They compound this problem by delaying when the change is populated through the API. I believe when I changed the thumbnail on their site, it wasn’t registered immediately in however the plugin connects through the API.

    It’s working now and I’m not going to touch a thing.

    Except now, I need to get proplayer’s custom preview image to work which is why I tried all this in the first place.

    BTW, using Hybrid theme and “Old School” child theme.

    I was having issues with Vimeo displaying videos – specifically a “Video not found” error. I changed the Cache Timeout (minutes) setting under Settings > ProPlayer from 90 to 10 and it fixed the problem.

    Hope this helps some

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