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  • @kyle911 can u paste which snippet you used?

    This is one of the video codes I had used. Like I said it worked for a while, then it stopped.

    [pro-player type=”mp4″][/pro-player]

    (FYI: the links wont work in a bit, but they we’re working. I have to shut down my server today due to being ungodly poor lol. But I’d still like to figure out what the issue is so when I get the server back in a few months I can continue the site)

    @kyle911 it might be the url that u’re using. jw player gets confused with encodings. I’d recommend you to use simple file names.


    I’m not sure that’s it. I renamed the video to “simplevideo.mp4” and then set it in a new page called “simple titled video” and I get the same results.

    As long as the link still works you can see it here:

    Video URL:

    [pro-player type="mp4"][/pro-player]

    @kyle911 I’ve checked your domain again. I didn’t think initially, but your server ping time is high. Your page loads are more than 30secs for me (I’m in Vancouver, Canada). I guess you’re being timeout in video display since JW Player’s timeout is by default 10. And unfortunately there is no way to override that AFAIK.

    The only advice I can give to you is talk to your hosting and see if you guys can do something about it.


Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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