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  • Hi, I needed a page with a thumbnails gallery that would load videos inside shadowbox when a thumb is clicked.

    This is a little tricky, but it works very well.

    The idea was to keep it as simple as possible.
    It uses ProPlayer shortcode, where the value of the param image is your thumbnail adress.

    I also added a param “title” which will be the title of your shadowbox.

    The code to put in your page for this is

    [pro-player image='mythumb.png']http://www.videos/myvideo.flv[/pro-player].

    Here is the code (only JS and CSS ! :))

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  • Hi, this sounds like what I am trying to to do. Im pretty new at this, can you explain a bit more where you are placing the code
    [pro-player image=’mythumb.png’]http://www.videos/myvideo.flv[/pro-player].
    Does this go in the post/page?

    and what about the code you posted @ the bottom (
    where does that go? is that in the proplayer php? (which one)?


    also I am assuming i need to have the shadowbox JS plugin installed, correct?

    Yes you need the shadowbox JS plugin, and of course the proplayer plugin.

    The shortcode [pro-player][/pro-player], indeed, needs to be placed in your post/page when editing it.

    About the code;
    1# code to put in wp-content/yourtheme/functions.php
    2# galleries-scripts.js must be a new file under wp-content/yourtheme/js and filled with the content you can see on pastie
    3#the css must be set, for example, in wp-content/yourtheme/style.css.

    There is nothing to change in the plugin’s files.

    That’s it !

    Thanks for your response!
    hmm, maybe this will require more assistance than I thought. I am so sorry!
    so I should paste the following code
    [pro-player image=’mythumb.png’]http://www.videos/myvideo.flv[/pro-player].
    in my theme. functions.php? Does it matter where I paste it? end beginning, middle?

    Got the galleries js file part. that seems straightfoward enough.

    what do you mean by css must be”set”?

    Then when all this is done. to create the gallery with thumbnails, i just use the shortcode [pro-player]my videofillename here [/pro-player] on my page/post?


    this is a great idea and exactly what i was looking for. everything is running fine. i have tried your example code:

    [pro-player image=’mythumb.png’]http://www.videos/myvideo.flv[/pro-player]

    with my own files and it works perfectly fine (had to change the ‘overflow’ parameter in the shadowbox.css to:
    to make the scrollbars in the iframe disappear. but now it works nicely.

    BUT: i don’t manage to get more than one file to work. how do you create several thumbnails, which open the proplayer in the shadowbox and then let you browse through the several movies in shadowbox mode?

    could you please provide an example code for a setup with multiple movies and thumbnails? thanks a lot! again: great job!

    Any chance we can see this in action?
    Link us up so we can see a finish product.
    How are you creating the thumbnails? Just inserting a jpeg of a screenshot of the video?

    Anyone gonna share some examples?

    I’d love to see some examples!

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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