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  • I’m getting the following error that says the plugin couldn’t be activated:

    Fatal error: Cannot redeclare class Proper_Network_Activation in
    /[PATH REMOVED]/wp-content/plugins/proper-network-activation/proper-network-activation.php
    on line 27

    Strange thing is that the plugin activated once before and didn’t give an error, but a similar error was given when network activating another plugin while this plugin was active; a class from that plugin couldn’t be redeclared.

    Also, after this error happens the Proper Network Plugin actually says that it’s network activated, but I think it may not be active on all sites and the not activated error was from one of the networked sites, rather than the main site. Because when I activated another plugin (MapPress) while Proper Network Activation was active it only created the MapPress tables on 98 of the 130 sites on the network.

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  • Plugin Author scribu


    You should only activate PNA once, as a network plugin.

    Make sure you don’t also have it activated as a regular plugin on one or more sites.

    Sorry to not be more clear.

    I’m not trying to activate it more than once. I am doing one network activation from the main site on the network’s dashboard and receiving the above error.

    However, despite the error the plugin still appears active, but it doesn’t affect the network activation of plugins on all the sites. And it sometimes seems to cause that same “cannot redeclare class” error when network activating other plugins too.

    When I say “it doesn’t affect the network activation of plugins on all the sites”, I mean that it affected up to about blog ID 98, but then no further. That’s what I was referring to at the end of my first message.

    can’t network activate it either, gives me:

    Fatal error: Cannot redeclare class Proper_Network_Activation in /var/www/clients/clientxx/webxx/web/wp-content/plugins/proper-network-activation/proper-network-activation.php on line 27

    running wp 3.0.1 with multi-site enabled.

    works from the mu-plugins folder though for me.

    same error when activating other plugins.
    proper network activation plugin is only network activated once, and not active singularly on any other site (impossible anyway as it is ‘network activate only’ option). running wp 3.0.1..

    Plugin Author scribu


    Could someone paste a series of steps to reproduce this problem?

    Step 1: Network Activate Proper Network Activation plugin
    Step 2: Network Activate MapPress plugin

    That’s it. On a network with about 130 sites, step 1 results in the error quoted twice in this thread, step 2 results in the same error, but can’t redeclare the mappress class.

    MapPress is just an example of a plugin that I was trying. Any plugin that produces tables for each site will potentially have the same issue, or any plugin that declares a class might have the same issue.

    Plugin Author scribu


    Both steps work fine on my test install (WP 3.0.1) so the problem must be caused by another plugin (regular or must-use).

    I’m pretty sure I was getting the error even when no other plugins were active. I dunno if it sounds stupid, but I think WordPress gets confused when it reiterates this action for many sites on the network. It’s a big site and has been through many plugins and has been on MU and now WP3 for a while… maybe the database needs a clean up or something. I will try some site maintenance and update here if the error goes away.

    I have placed it inside mu-plugins – is there any problem with that? it seems to work from there, but not sure how to test if it actually does its job…

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