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  • I have the slider working on my front page.
    Whenever i minimize the site, when i return it the slider auto advances really fast as if to catch up with what it lost.
    In Chrome it advances really fast and in IE it changes a couple of slides and returns to it’s regular course.

    Help anyone?
    link to site:

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  • Shibby,

    This is a known issue and is a bug in jQuery. I am working on a fix, but you can read more about it here:

    Thanks for the quick reply.
    Will wait for the next update, and by the way very nice plugin thank you very much for making it.

    I added the following to the if (autoadvance) block and it seems to be a bit more sane…

    if( autoAdvance ){
    	    sliderInterval = setInterval(function(){progress('forward', currentSlider, panelCount);}, (timeDelay * 1000));


    What file/where did you add that code?

    eric this kinda of worked, not exactly sure but sometimes it still does it but sometimes it does. Thank you!

    and angelajude, put it in the js/promo_slider.js file

    That’s correct (promo_slider.js, via plugin editor).

    And that is also correct that it does seem to still do the catch up on animations, esp in FF. I tested a few browsers and decided it was better than without it, for me.

    I’m having the same problem, but it is more the excerpts that are overlapping rather than the images.

    I’ve tried turning pause on mouse hover off, and I’ve tried adding this code, which just stopped the slideshow entirely for me.

    Any help? website is:

    ericholsinger’s solution helps, thanks!



    Doesn’t seem to fix the flashing problem for me. See for yourself:

    Which line number did you insert this? Perhaps that has something to do with it

    Tom, I placed code inside the autoAdvance conditional, right after the opening brace.

    The ellipses (…) were meant to indicate ‘the rest of the original code’.

    It may not work in all cases. I’ve seen it misbehaving even after my code change. But, it appears to alleviate the wonky behavior in some browsers.

    I have the same experience as mattjwcollins

    Please continue to update if anyone finds the fix.


    ericholsinger’s code made it better for me (not 100%), but also killed my dropdown menu which I’m using jquery megamenu for in the process :S

    @woodent: any news on a fix for this?


    The latest is that the next version of jQuery has fixed this bug. I would use Google’s API to swap out jQuery on the front end of your site with the more recent version. I will be implementing this in the next release.

    “I would use Google’s API to swap out jQuery on the front end of your site with the more recent version.”

    can someone please explain how to do this? or point me in the direction of a good tutorial? i’m using a thematic child theme if that makes a difference.




    @carlclancy here you go… add this to your theme’s functions.php file:

    // Stop loading WP jQuery and load it via Google instead.
    if (!is_admin()) {
    	wp_register_script('jquery', (""), false);
Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 16 total)
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