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    I love this plugin and it is doing exactly what I need. However, we are now expanding our advertising offerings and will be doing two 125×125 ads in the sidebar. I’ve tried

    [promoslider category=”sidebar” width=”125px” height=”125px”]
    [promoslider category=”sidebar” width=”125px” height=”125px”]


    [promoslider category=”sidebar” width=”125px” height=”125px” promoslider category=”sidebar” width=”125px” height=”125px”]

    I’m pretty much a novice at this and have learned a lot but, for the life of me, this has stopped me cold. Thanks for any help you can provide.

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  • Plugin Author Micah Wood


    Having the shortcode side-by-side will display two sliders. You may have to alter the css a bit to get them to align properly within your theme. I would recommend assigning an id if you need to apply css specific to an individual slider. Also, it is probably a good idea to have two different categories to pull from so you don’t have a bunch of overlap in your ads:

    [promoslider id=”sidebar-slider-1″ category=”sidebar-1″ width=”125px” height=”125px”]
    [promoslider id=”sidebar-slider-2″ category=”sidebar-2″ width=”125px” height=”125px”]

    I am using WP-Property Denali theme. I am still learning about css and don’t know how to figure out how to alter the css to get the promos to align properly. I did set up 2 different categories as you suggested. Unfortunately, I don’t have this on an active website yet for you to look at. Where would I go to find the css to alter and how would I alter it? Thanks.

    Plugin Author Micah Wood


    Most likely, you would need to add new CSS rules and what those are depends on your existing CSS as determined from your theme and any active plugins. I couldn’t really say one way or the other without looking at what you have.

    Please visit Using WP-Property Denali theme. I need to put one promotion slider next to the logo at the top and 2 in the sidebar. Thanks.

    Plugin Author Micah Wood


    If you want the top one next to the logo, I would recommend adding the shortcode into your theme’s header.php file like this:

    <?php echo do_shortcode('[promoslider id="banner-slider" category="top-banner" width="600px" height="108px"]'); ?>

    Then, you should be able to add this css to your theme’s style.css:

    #banner-slider { float:right; }

    If you don’t want to add the code to your header, then you will have to use absolute positioning to get it up there.

    I only see the shortcode for one slider in the sidebar, so you will want to add another. Adding an id for each will allow us to easily style them:

    [promoslider id="side-slider-1" category="side-1" width="125px" height="125px"]
    [promoslider id="side-slider-2" category="side-2" width="125px" height="125px"]

    Next, you should be able to add the following css to your theme’s style.css:

    #side-slider-1, #side-slider-2 { float:left; margin: 0 10px 10px 0; }

    The Promotion Slider plugin is inactive on your site right now, so I can’t really play with the css, but this should get you 90% there at least.

    Sorry, I had deactivated Promotion Slider to show my boss what the site would look like without the promotions. Can you please have another quick look? Thanks again.

    Plugin Author Micah Wood


    It looks like you may have too much space in the second shortcode in the sidebar… I see one slide and then a shortcode. It appears to have a tab or something in it.

    The absolute positioning for the banner slider is this:

    #banner-slider {
    Plugin Author Micah Wood


    Thanks for getting in touch! I was looking for an email from you but never saw one. Hopefully you wrote down my correct email address. I won’t post it here because I don’t want to get on any spam lists, but you can always get in touch via my contact page. Thanks!

    On a side note, I really like the new site design. Way better than the old one!

    Plugin Author Micah Wood


    Just wanted to follow up and post a solution for anyone in the future who might be having the same issue. If you are trying to get two slider shortcodes to work in a text widget, you have to press enter so that there is a line break after each one.

    Here is a quick solution for getting multiple sliders to align properly in a sidebar text widget (adjust as needed to fit your theme):

    .textwidget .promo_slider_wrapper {
        float: left;
        margin: 7px 0 0 7px;

    I don’t want to steal this post, but I think it is still on-topic.

    On my page I want to add several sliders, but images with different size and location. For that I want to use categories. But as soon as I add the code for a category that exists, it doesn’t display anything anymore.

    The working code is :
    ‘[promoslider height=”255px” time_delay=”4″ display_nav=”links” display_title=”none” display_excerpt=”excerpt” pause_on_hover=”pause” post_type=”promotion”]’

    As soon as I add
    between the brackets it will not display anything… It won’t even reserve the space (height/width).

    The category does exist, and currently 5 promo’s are assigned in that category. I’m using version 3.3.1.
    One of the promosliders exist in the sidebar in a text widget. The other one in the page content.
    In both cases, without the category, I get all promo’s to see in both sliders. With the category, just empty space.
    Here is the site

    Could it be category ‘sidebar’ is a reserved word?
    I didnt want to give up. so I changed the name of the category to something else ‘sidebar-1’… and now all works nicely.

    To bad it cost me a lot of time to research. Glad also it is working smooth now. 🙂
    Hope this helps someone in the future.

    Hello I’m to the fourm and I’m looking to get help with a similar issue. I’m trying to have two 270px 399px slider side by side on a static home page that I created. Here is the code I’m using
    Featured Music Post[promoslider id=”home-slider-1″ category=’featured’ width=”560px” height=”366px”]
    [promoslider id=”home-slider-2″ category=’featured’ width=”560px” height=”366px”]

    and i put

    div.promo_slider .panel {
    background: none;
    div.promo_slider div.panel { position:relative; top:0; left:0 }
    div.promo_slider span.panel-title { position:absolute; top:0; left:0 }
    div.promo_slider div.promo_slider_background_image { position:absolute; top:48px; left:0
    #home-slider-1, #home-slider-2, { float:left; margin: 0 10px 0; }

    in the Style css file. The 2nd slider is below the 1st instead of being to the right of it. Thank You for any help you can offer

    Plugin Author Micah Wood


    If you can provide a link to the page where your slider’s are, I can help you with specifics.

    Thank you forthe reply here is the page password is 0000

    Plugin Author Micah Wood


    I am getting a 404 (page not found) error on that page.

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