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    there are lot of plugins thay do that … can somebody edit the code
    otherwise the images are too big 🙁

    in my page

    I use dynamic wight !! so it would be so appriciated if sbd. can help me how to center the image … not start in upper left corner of the image …
    also pls pls pls make the fancy title go away 🙁 … instead can there be a decent title on top of the excerpt just with bigger font and bolded ?

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  • problem

    picture alihnment you can see som proportion errors on images …

    Plugin Author Micah Wood


    Resizing an image that doesn’t fit the space will cause the image to become disproportionate. It is best to crop your images before uploading.

    I will be releasing a newer version of the Promotion Slider soon that will allow you to use custom image sizes.

    The slider options page allows you to disable the fancy title, or title altogether. If you want to customize the way the slider operates, there are several hooks that allow you to do this. The rest can be customized through CSS.

    Promotion Title Display enable … OK it was unclear written there

    like on image

    I totaly prefer the first choice on the left

    and propose a new feature on the right side … is called supertitle …
    it allows multiple instances of your promotion

    so on one ore more pages can I have more slides with different content

    like car promotion slider, girls handbag promotion slider 🙂 you wont mix those two things :)) just kidding :)) but a good example

    my knowledge of CSS is poor so I cant do it by myslef

    Plugin Author Micah Wood


    Not sure what you are getting at with the ‘supertitle’… is that just a title that would be used on all slides?

    basically ….
    promotion > add new one slide in promotion slider
    … the title is (title of promotion)

    you add 5 slides on one subject and it generates one code [slider]

    but what if you want another category different group of presented slider pages on a different part of your web

    than you need > another install of the same plug-in ?
    enable generating
    widget > presentation group > presentation slider

    than you can do

    presentation group A > slider 1, 2, 3, > code [slider A]
    presentation group B > slider 4, 5, > code [slider B]
    increases flexibility dramatically

    or PLS can you ad a layout fe. 600×600 consisting from 9times 200×200 pics pointing to promoted pages ?

    and pls name the check fields clearly fe.>

    choose graphc layout A B C (plain, no navigation, bottom minislide views)
    enable promotion title
    enable slider title
    enable excerpt
    enable fancy style

    thx 😉
    greate plugin

    Plugin Author Micah Wood


    The promotion slider will allow you to run multiple sliders that pull promotions from different categories. Just use the shortcode attributes described in the FAQ.

    I have already reworked the options panel in the upcoming release of the plugin so it will be less confusing.

    thx man you are great

    by the way … you can add help text on basic promotion page in wp-admin .. shortcodes .. I was not able to find it directly I i had to go here to look into install details

    So did I read up there correctly that the only way to center an image within a widget is in the CSS?

    Seems like there ought to be a left aligned, center, right aligned, option or command somewhere?

    arras theme

    look at this theme !!! look et the promotion features and also on lower tho promotion of standalone posts …

    only bad thing is that when you use it its not as a plugin but is default inside a theme without further options …

    can you use that code to make your promotion slider eaven better ?

    Plugin Author Micah Wood


    Thanks.. I will take a look at it. And yes, changing the CSS is the only way to center an image in the slider at this time.

    I saw that you are planning on releasing a new version of the promotion slider – I was just wondering if you have a rough idea of what it will be available as I love this plugin but need something that can resize images.

    Plugin Author Micah Wood


    Currently, version 3.3.1 allows you to specify which default WordPress image size you want to use in your slider. If you are more technically inclined, you can create your own image size and use the built-in filter in my plugin to automatically use that image size in your slider.

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