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[Resolved] [Plugin: Promotion Slider] Bug in Version 3.3.0

  • I just updated to Promotion Slider version 3.3.0 this morning and noticed that my custom styles were not working.

    I found a bug in the index.php of promo slider:

    line 351:
    $slider_atts = $id.' class="'.$slider_classes.'"'.$style;

    needs to be changed to:
    $slider_atts = ' id='.$id.' class="'.$slider_classes.'"'.$style;


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  • Plugin Author Micah Wood


    Thanks for picking up on that. That line should actually read:

    $slider_atts = $slider_id.' class="'.$slider_classes.'"'.$style;

    This is because the slider id is defined on line 346 and we don’t want to show an id if one isn’t defined.

    There are a few small things that people have noticed since the last release, so I will have this fixed soon.

    Awesome, thanks! Is this the best place to report problems or is there somewhere better?

    Plugin Author Micah Wood


    This works for me, but you can also use my plugin feedback page to report issues or make suggestions.

    If anyone was ever to encounter a security related issue, I would definitely not want that posted in the forum.

    I recently upgraded to 3.3.1 and all the sudden my image gets cut off. It was working fine before displaying full image. Now only shows half.

    http://www.stevendiebold.com on right side TAKE THIS QUIZ.

    please advise…

    Plugin Author Micah Wood


    Looks like you have disabled the promotion slider plugin, as the shortcode is displaying on the site…

    yah, it crashed my entire blog for some reason so I had to delete the plugin. This happened before with other version too. I don’t know why but it seems to get corrupted for some reason. I had to delete it in order for my blog to come back online.

    error was saying some error and wordpress would not even show my site. disabled the plugin and it came back online right away.

    any ideas???

    Plugin Author Micah Wood


    Sorry, can’t really help you there unless I know what the error was… I haven’t heard of anyone else having a similar issue yet.

    I would have to duplicate the issue in order to be able to address it.

    ok, I went ahead with adding the plugin back. Its now cutting off the image for some reason. any ideas? stevendiebold.com

    Plugin Author Micah Wood


    The default height for the slider is 235px and your picture is taller than that. You just need to set the height in the shortcode, like this:

    [promoslider height=”338px”]

    cool. where would he have put that code? in what file on wordpress can I find it?

    Plugin Author Micah Wood


    Not really sure on that one… it could be just about anywhere… depends on your theme.

    I have bbpress (Twenty Ten) theme and since the change to 3.3 my plugin on the right side of the page is getting cut off. It’s actually my aweber sign up form that is being cut off. It didn’t do this prior to the update. How can I fix this?

    Plugin Author Micah Wood


    @creidlinger – Sorry, can’t really help you out if I can’t see the problem.

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