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  • Kolja, you sir, have created a masterpiece. Thank you so so so much for this.

    If there’s anyone I can show this plugin to, or vote it, or review it or something, I’d love to.

    I have a question regarding something that I feel is easy, but I’m just not getting it.

    I’m currently customizing the template for displaying Datasets.

    My first desire was to display Project A’s entire dataset, in tabular rows, but when I inserted that shortcode, it display some fields I did not wish (‘Name’), and I could not get it to display the correct ones (‘WP User, Team, Level’) all on a single line per data-set.

    So I then tried to display individual datasets, and make them horizontal through custom templating. Which worked beautifully.

    Except when I had it display:

    echo '<div class="name">' . $meta_values["Team"] . '</div>';
    echo '<div class="name">' . $meta_values["User"] . '</div>';

    The template displays the ‘Team’ value perfectly, but for User it displayed the WordPress User ID (‘5’), not the WordPress User Name (‘Akita’).

    How can I display a WP User *name* from a dataset?

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