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  • I know I can supply my own icons for services by naming the files after the service name, but can I do it for feeds I’ve set up that are represented by just an RSS icon?

    An example would be “danielsale’s link blog”. What would the filename be? I’ve tried the obvious, along with “danielsale’slinkblog”, “danielsaleslinkblog”, etc. But it didn’t work.

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  • In your case, siphs.png would be the filename for the “danielsale’s link blog” posts. And, daniel-sale.png would be the filename for the “Daniel Sale’s Blog” posts.

    The way you can tell what icon name to use is — go to you lifestream page and view the source code (Ctrl+U will show it in FireFox or Opera). Then scroll to the lifestream list and make note of the class defined in the lines that start with:
    <li class="item"><a><class ="classname" href=...>
    where classname = lastfm, digg, siphs, etc.

    I’ll try to think up a feature that makes this information more easily available, but that’s how it’s done for now.


    Thanks again.

    Another thing I noticed is that the icon for BlinkList is not correct in the lifestream. The BlinkList icon is present on Profilactic, but in the lifestream all I see is an RSS feed icon and the name of the bookmarked site.

    Perhaps it’s doing this because it’s a bookmark?

    the code has been updated to show the right icon for BlinkList and will be included in the next public release.

    thanks for the heads up.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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