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  1. dvdscr
    Posted 2 years ago #

    Hi, I've installed a wordpress multisite instance.
    This is a multisite configuration with domains, so I have the following situation.

    In wp_site (id, domain, path) ...

    1 www.mainsite.it /
    2 www.secondsite.it /
    3 www.thirdsite.it /
    4 www.fourthsite.it /

    In wp_blogs (blog_id, site_id, domain, path) ...

    1 1 www.mainsite.it /
    2 2 www.secondsite.it /
    3 3 www.thirdsite.it /
    4 4 www.fourthsite.it /

    I have done this configuration manually, first I configured a subdomain, then I changed it on the database in a domain in wp_blogs, wp_site and wp_option.

    It works, but some configuration on wp_option are not present.

    For example I have this problem:
    - from Network Admin I can "Network activate" a plugin, then in the dashboard of http://www.mainsite.it is present the menu item "Plugins" and I can activate it for the main site.
    - in the dashboard of the second, third, fourth domain the menu item "Plugins" is not present, and I can't activate a plugin.

    I've also flagged the "Enable administration menus" flag in "Network settings".

    Where is the problem. Can I activate "Plugins" menu item with a database script?

  2. dvdscr
    Posted 2 years ago #

    I just read a suggestion to try this url:

    The problem seems to be the following:
    You do not have sufficient permissions to access this page.

    My user is an administrator, and in wp_2_options there are wp_2_user_roles option with also this line
    for administrator profile.

    Is this not enough?

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