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[Resolved] [Plugin: Privacy Share Buttons] absolutely no work

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  • Plugin Author lucha


    Hi robotect,

    can you please give further details of what is not working? What do you refer to with “the php link generation”? Can you report any specific error you are encountering?

    Thank you very much for the help you can give to improve the plugin.

    Hi lucha, yes i will.

    Please give me a minute 😉 The night to 1st of May is party in Germany.

    So, there you go…thanks at all for the minute ;o)

    I activated your recent plugin, accessible by this link. Looks to me similar like on this yeah, disturbed screenshot, forgive me.

    You can simply edit the HTML code of the displayed site to see some is wrong. So it is here, really.

    The HTML code was the item i meant by “php link generation” because i think this output comes from some php routine. Maybe because of some missed Tags, WordPress is XHTML.

    I will deactivate your plugin on my Site iq137.de by somehow late tomorrow-sometime. If you need another check, please contact me.

    Greetings, Uli

    Plugin Author lucha


    I see. Thanks for letting me know. I will look and try solve this.

    Plugin Author lucha


    It looks like your theme ships with a very old version of jQuery (v 1.3.2, stable is 1.7.2). Could you please try if this works with a fresh updated twenty-eleven theme?

    thank you!

    hi, yes it works with other themes. i will try to fix my template or use another one if it makes such problems.

    i’m only missing the leading switches before the buttons to activate them. i acivated the 2-click social media buttons plugin on my site http://www.iq137.de so you can see what i mean. this plugin shows the switches.

    regards, uli

    Plugin Author lucha


    There are no switches: I’ve decided to take them out, as they used precious space, and the result it’s more compact. You can activate the buttons by clicking on them: the downside is that you cannot deactivate them, but in the end makes no sense to deactivate them once they’re on… at least is what I thought.

    Thank for the time you spend trying my plugin! 🙂

    so then…better make a chapter in the plugin description.

    what about:: it’s not a bug it’s a feature ;O)) (bigsmile)

    have a nice day

    me again, hi.

    you really solved a lot of problems here, thank’s. my bug was that the installed theme started a 2nd instance of another old jquery version on it’s own. 1st instance is started by wordpress, when the theme starts the 2nd instance, that comes along with the theme, ..it happens.

    the solution was to delete the jquery start in my theme header. i’m running an older version of the monochrome theme that is formatted for german use, so this is pretty difficult to update.

    by the way, can you tell me how to reduce the space between the buttons? heise says the line is about 600 px of with, but there is lot of space. i tried but failed to modify the CSS.

    i prefer to show the on/off switches because of german data safety reasons. if anybody makes a wrong click so this cannot be a POnR event (point of no return).

    anyway, thanks for helping, if you ever come to Dusseldorf, go call me and get an Altbier 🙂

    regards, uli

    Plugin Author lucha


    regarding the CSS and the space: I’m no CSS wizard, and in fact I’m hardly a novice. I’m planning of rewriting some of the code to get a better output, with the help of a friend. Until them, I cannot really help you (shrinking the space lead to incorrect visualization once the button are pressed).

    The problem with the on/off switches, again, is that they ARE point of no return: once you activate them, data is transfered to Twitter/Facebook/Google etc. You can’t get your data back by deactivating the button. The off-switch is pretty much equivalent to refreshing the page (once you refresh, the button is off). I hope this is clear now. In any case the code for the switches is in the Javascript, probably just commented away: have a look!

    And regarding the beer in Dusseldorf, I will consider it in case I’ll come there 🙂

    Plugin Author lucha


    I’m marking this as resolved.

Viewing 11 replies - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)
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