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    Seems that printfriendly has trouble picking up text within “toggles”. It will frequently ignore that text when creating the printer friendly version. For example:
    *printfriendly button is at bottom
    Test it and you’ll see that it misses all the portions within toggles.
    Yet, when I test it on this page it picks up the text within the toggles just fine.

    I have also found it to sporadically miss content when producing the print friendly version, and can’t find a common causal factor. Any help would be much appreciated.

    Second, when my page/post title matches the first line of text in the content (Header 1 style) that first line is removed. You’ll see this in both examples above. You’ll also see why I want the Header 1 style text to remain, for proper formatting of the PDF given the placement of our header images.
    I want to know how to keep this Header 1 text in the print version, if at all possible. Is there somewhere in the php files that I could tweak to remove the function that eliminates the text?

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    We’re working on an update that will work for your page. See here.

    Will take a few weeks before we can have live on the JavaScript version. You can turn off the JavaScript option in plugin settings to have it work now.


    What we really need is for the full page to be picked up, whereas the example you link to (done with javascript off) is just picking up but one part of the overall page (solely the content of but one of the toggles) – we’d want the whole page with all toggles included.

    What we’ve done is setup our pages using Header styles such that printfriendly uses them to create bookmarks in the pdf files – so each toggle creates a ‘chapter’ in the overall pdf. It’s worked nicely on some pages, but not all.

    Hope that helps in what you’re doing with the update. Thanks for the support 🙂

    A good example of a page that works perfectly the way we want it to is here:

    Might have figured out the main problem we’re having: there are two kinds of toggles – ‘fancy’ and ‘minimum’ – and it looks like printfriendly works perfectly with ‘minimum’, but not with ‘fancy’. Fixing that might be all that’s needed to solve our issue.

    Plugin Author Print & PDF by PrintFriendly


    The fewer levels content is separated definitely helps.

    Did a bunch of testing today, trying to isolate the problem, and it’s definitely with the toggles. All other similar features operate perfectly (i.e. accordions, etc.).
    I don’t think it’s a matter of ‘levels of content’, so far as I can tell, since the accordions, for example, operate in the same way as the toggles but come out in the print view just fine.
    I also found that changing the toggles from ‘fancy’ to ‘minimum’ didn’t always work, so the problem seems to be with toggles in general.

    Hope this helps. I really love the service! Hope we can work this little thing out – if we can, then printfriendly will serve all our printing needs and alternative device reading needs 🙂

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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