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  • I have two questions. Ill try to ask them in one post.

    1. It seems that it leaves part of the printing from a certain section out.
    In this case this is a sample invoice that has been paid and it leaves th list out for some odd reason

    I will add the code of the page that creates that receipt

    <div id="invoice_page" class=" wpi_invoice_form wpi_payment_form clearfix">
      <div class="wpi_left_col">
        <h3 class="wpi_greeting"><?php _e('Payment Receipt', WPI) ?></h3>
        <div class=" invoice_description">
          <div class=" invoice_top_message">
            <?php if(is_invoice()) : ?>
              <p><?php _e('We have sent you invoice', WPI) ?> <?php invoice_id(); ?>. <?php paid_amount(); ?> <?php _e('was$
            <?php endif; ?>
    	<div class=" invoice_description_custom">
            <?php the_description(); ?>
            <?php if(is_payment_made()): ?>
                <?php _e("You've made payments, but still owe:", WPI) ?> <?php balance_due(); ?>
            <?php endif; ?>
      <div class= wpi_itemized_table">
          <?php show_itemized_table(); ?>
      <?php do_action('wpi_front_end_left_col_bottom'); ?>
      <div class="wpi_right_col">
        <?php show_invoice_history(); ?>
        <?php do_action('wpi_front_end_right_col_bottom'); ?>
                                   <?php apply_filters("wpi_closed_comments", $invoice);?>

    2. The other issue is with it showing the widgets on some printings, for example

    Not sure why it does but any help would be awesome.

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