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  • Plugin Author David Sader


    The plugin doesn’t create or add users to blogs, only the blogs(active) a user is already a member of show in the dropdown. The same blogs that would show on their “My Sites” page should show in the dropdown.

    So, in a) that would be normal if the user’s primary is blog 1. The main blog appears on their “My Sites” page as their primary. (Not sure why the spammer without a blog is still listed there – that is a bug)

    In b) a “spam” user has no active blog, so you are unable to switch the primary, also normal behaviour. Unspam the user, and you’ll be able to switch amongst his blogs(depends on how many blogs he belongs to) as primary. Now, even though a user is “Spam” at SuperAdmin->Users, the blogs listed there beside their name should also be inactive, therefore their primary blogswitcher should also be empty.

    In c) if a user only has one blog, the main, that is all that will be listed. Add them to some blogs, then visit the switcher once again. (or enable Dashboard blog, or Tags blog using Donncha’s plugin at SuperAdmin->Options)

    Those pics all look normal to me.

    Plugin Author David Sader


    If you are looking to use this plugin to add users to a “Special Blog”, uncomment the following in the plugin code(remove the /* and */) and change the $special_blog_id = ’63’; :

    			// "special blog" add $special_blog_id to add user to some, well, special blog.
    				<optgroup label="Other Blogs"></optgroup>
    				<optgroup label="Special Blog">
    				<?php $special_blog_id = '63'; //
    				$special_blog = get_blog_details( $special_blog_id ); ?>
    				<option value='<?php echo $special_blog_id ?>'>http://<?php echo $special_blog->domain.$special_blog->path ?></option>

    Double-check that the missing <?php and ?> tags are there.

    ok, thx for elaborating.
    I was jsut not sure if this was how it was supposed to be.
    See, I entered and created a dashboard blog in the siteadmin options any new user gets added to, so I will not need your plugin modification you explained above.

    I was just wondering how to move all those The following 103 users list blog 1 as their primary blog to the dashboard blog and away from the main blog…

    Plugin Author David Sader


    Go to SuperAdmin->Sites and edit your main blog. Check off the members you want removed and update. Then (if needed) edit each user profile – one at a time – to set their primary blog.

    kinda weird. I edited my main blog. checked the users I wanted removed. But if I edit a user it just says n/a at the primary blog field. I have to edit the user from the dashboard blog and assign him to that blog by giving him a role.

    Is there something wrong or am I just not seeing the right option here?

    Plugin Author David Sader


    To recap, I wrote the plugin to assign the correct primary blog to a user who already is a member of several blogs.

    The user has to be a member of 2 or 3 active blogs first before the switcher I’ve plugged in to their profile page does anything.

    If they are a member of only one blog, then there will be no dropdown to choose another as their primary.

    If they are a member of no blogs, then the switcher will do nothing, hence “N/A”.

    Go ahead and add a user to the blogs of your choosing, then go back to the profile to assign one of those blogs as their primary.

    🙁 sorry. the name says it all and I should have figured out that if one can chose from 1 blog there would be nothing to switch 🙂

    thanks for your patience.

    ***question unrelated to your plugin***
    btw. is there any chance to find out when/how/why a user got added to a specific blog?
    I just created a test user and he got subscriber status for the main blog although I specified a dashboard blog in the settings. he is a subscriber of that one too and admin of his own blog so that works at least but why was he added to the main blog?

    Plugin Author David Sader


    BTW, I think it is built into WP3 multisite that when a user without a blog logs in, they are automagically assigned to the main/dashboard blog. (I forget If it was core or I plugged in to get WPMU to do that before).

    Might be another plugin adding users to blog 1?

    possible but I can’t find any other plugin doing such a thing 🙁

    anyway, I had 104 users with blog_id 1 as main blog.
    then I removed about 200 users from my main blog and your plugin told me now I have 304 users with the main blog as primary when actually these users didn’t have any blog associated.
    60 minutes later, your plugin tells me I have 31 users that list the main blog as primary… when those 31 actually are not assigned to any blog… but the others it seems that wordpress has automatically assigned to my dashboard blog.

    Plugin Author David Sader


    Anyway, I updated the plugin to make two lists in the admin page, users with no blogs at all list in a second list now.

    I use another chunk of code(not in this plugin) to automagically assign users to the main blog when I edit their profile if they have no blog at all. WP automagically assigns them to a blog if they login, but in the meantime my blog lists/directory or member directory gets goofy because users have no siteurl.

    cool and thanks again 🙂

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