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  • Why it is not the best choice for my website

    1. Lots of tech issues
    namely :
    dis alignment of price table cells with different amount of information
    it is impossible to delete or edit information in column’s header
    it is impossible to delete or modify column AT ALL
    it is impossible to move them as claimed.

    free version -user experience is very poor
    Perhaps mentioned issues are fixed in paid version but I was put off from trying it. If one keen to sell plugin it is good idea to make free version bugs free and sell extra features. Hope it will get better as ideas is good.

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  • I cannot delete columns either. Do you have a way to fix this? I was also considering buying the premium version, but wouldn’t unless this is fixed.

    Seriously, could this plugin be more buggy?

    I would add:

    • Can’t delete certain features once created. Seems to be when it’s the last one in the list?

    • VERY little room for details before screwing up the alignment of the rows. How are the rows not linked?? Who makes a table where the cells can vary height within the same row??? That defeats the purpose of a table.

    • Only 2 columns fit in the gray theme in most wordpress themes I’ve tried. 2 columns! Then it breaks down and only one more fits at a time. So a 5 column price table takes up the height of 4 tables. Hope that makes sense as I express it, because it sure doesn’t make sense when shown on the site. It’s useless.

    • Only 3 columns fit in the green theme.

    • You can’t read the column title/header in the gray theme. Seriously, it’s white-on-white!!

    I’m afraid I need to give this a 1 star rating (I’d do zero if it were possible) because it simply doesn’t function.

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