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    for now you need to do it editing template file directly.

    Some more details what to edit in template file, please? Thank you in advance.

    Or translate “Price” and “Details” to another language 🙂

    Just wondering if anyone has the answer to this? I’m looking through the plugin files in the editor, but I’m not sure what I need to take out to have “Detail” show up after the details in each column.

    I think I’ve figured it out, sort of.

    Edit the file “metabox-feature-options.php”, found in /wp-content/plugins/pricing-table/tpls

    Search for:
    <strong><?php echo __('Detail','pricing-table'); ?></strong>

    Replace with:
    <strong><?php echo __('.','pricing-table'); ?></strong>

    Note, I replaced “Detail” with an actual character, in this case a period (“.”). I tried using a space, and “&nbsp;“, but each resulted in the display of “0” instead of “Detail”.

    The one catch to this is that it seems that changing the .php file won’t change the output of existing tables or packages, even if you clear your cache. I had to delete my entire existing pricing table, change the .php file, and then re-create a new table with new packages. Deleting your packages would probably be enough, but for the other unresolved bug in this plugin in which one cannot delete packages.

    Presumably, the modification would overwritten if the plugin is ever updated.

    This plugin has interesting potential, and might be useful if I can apply enough bandaids to make it so, but as it is, I’m not sure it will be practical, so it’s hard to recommend it.

    I had a simular issue in the sense that I didn’t want the word ‘Detail’ to appear after the actual field content.

    I edited the template file for Price Table and replaced this:

    echo "<li><b>".$value1."</b> $key1 </li>";

    with this:

    echo "<li><b>".$value1."</b></li>";

    This will allow the content to be loaded without the trailing word ‘Detail’.



    Im trying to change it to upfront and monthly but for some reason, it doesn’t reflect on the frontend.



    Ok, got it…It seems that this plugin is a little temperamental anyways. Changed the following, deleted the pricing table I created and removed from trash also, recreated it and the changes showed up…This should happen as soon as you change the PHP but ???

    $feature_key = str_replace(" ","",$value1);
            if(in_array($value1,array('Upfront','Monthly','Button URL','Button Text'))) $cls = "nodrag nodrop";
    <tr class="nodrag nodrop">
          <td class="Upfront">
            <strong><?php echo __('Upfront','pricing-table'); ?></strong>
          <tr class="nodrag nodrop">
          <td class="Monthly">
            <strong><?php echo __('Monthly','pricing-table'); ?></strong>

    All works now.

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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