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plugin preventing local-install.

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  • Reset the plugins folder by renaming it to plugins-hold.

    thanks Esmi, you’re still hanging in there 😉

    This is what I have now when I login


    Database Update Required

    WordPress has been updated! Before we send you on your way, we have to update your database to the newest version.

    The update process may take a little while, so please be patient.

    Update WordPress Database


    What to do?

    And what is the reason?


    Yeh – I’m still here. Like the proverbial bad penny. 😉

    It sounds like something is stopping the datbase from being updated. did you rename the plugin’s folder? If so, can you try a reset using Phpmyadmin in case you’ve got a really vampiric plugin still hanging on?

    I didn’t tell it to do the update.

    Should I?

    I don’t like hitting buttons like that if I don’t know what’s going one 😉

    I’d push ahead with the database update in case there is a minor database issue. Do remember to back the db up first though – if it contains important content.

    The update was quick but this is what I now have

    Updates 1

    All Posts
    Add New

    Add New



    I’ve been hours and hours on this. The tutorials make it sound like a snap!

    So is the admin area completely unstyled? What server software are you using on what OS?

    Yes it’s all unstyled but everything seems to be there.

    W7 – xampp

    Apache MySQL

    Just went out and bought some beer 😉

    That looks correct to me.

    It’s working now!

    I dumped the database and downloaded a fresh one and installed it.

    What do I do about the plug-ins?

    We changed the name of the folder?

    Thanks so much!

    Just change the folder name back to ‘plugins’ and re-activate the individual plugins as needed.

    Thanks, it’s easy when you know how 😉

    Would you like to say now, how I upload changes to the live site, or post that question later?


    If you intend to move the whole site – content and all – to the remote server, then you’ll need to review Moving_WordPress. If you’re just developing (say) a new theme and want to upload that to the site, then you can just ftp the new theme’s folder to wp-content/themes.

    I’m really doing this to test new themes.

    But most new themes won’t integrate 100% so I’ll have to make CSS changes, and add widgets etc.

    So how is that handled?

    I can test a theme online 😉

    My eyes are closing, so night night and thanks ..

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 17 total)
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