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    Please excuse me for asking a few basic questions; I want to be sure I do this right because CJ is telling me I have some invalid links, and I just got my site cleaned out and back together after being hacked. Before the hack, google kept telling me I had redirection links that I couldn’t understand.

    I think I just need clarification, if you would please.

    Task: CJ gives me a long html link. In the long link there is a pixel which I don’t know what to do with, so I just keep in within the text on my site where I pasted the link. I then copy and paste only the ‘http://longlink’ portion that goes to the target URL I want, to make a new pretty link. That’s all I gotta do, right? (That pixel throws up uncertainty.)

    Should the temporary 307 redirection be the right choice for me (geared toward CJ)?

    Would that answer be the same for most affiliate links that point to publisher sites? That’s all I’m trying to do right now.

    Thank you!

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  • Oops! I need to rephrase my first post; I meant, I put the link from CJ into the Pretty Link Pro, then use that new link in the post where I want it.

    Heck, I think what’s confusing me in the first part of my question in my first post (the Task:) is all the other stuff that CJ gives me (onmouseout, etc). I only ask for the HTML version, not the JS, and the code is huge anyhow.

    Let me rephrase my 1st question: I guess I have to keep all the rest of what CJ gives me intact, and just replace the target url with my new pretty link only, right?

    (And I still need to know about the 307 redirect.)

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    If the target URL will never change — 301 is the best choice here. If there’s a chance the target URL may change in the future, then use the 307 type with “nofollow” attribute enabled. nofollow tries to tell the search engines not to follow and therefore index those links.

    Typical CJ HTML links typically have two parts, the actual text link, and a hidden tracking pixel. The pixel does not need to be converted to a Pretty Link, but the text url (part inside of href=””) should be replaced with one.

    Hope that helps!

    Thanks! Yes that helps, and clears it up for me. I think I read more into things than necessary.

    Thanks again.

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