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    Pretty Link Pro v1.6.0 keeps telling me that it needs to update ????

    I think the issue is related to WordPress Multisite installations.

    Is anyone else, running Pretty Link Pro v1.6.0 in a WordPress Multisite installation having the problem?

    I’ve notified Pretty Link (through their direct support). I notified them weeks ago, but still no resolution.

    Any advice would be appreciated. They said they area looking into this, but it’s just disappointing that no fix has been made available.


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  • I also have this problem, and am not using Multisite, just regular WordPress.

    Whenever I login to WP admin I see the ‘Plugin Updates’ notification icon with the number ‘1’, and sometimes when I click to check for updates it does show :

    Pretty Link Pro
    You have version 1.6.0 installed. Update to 1.6.0.

    But other times it doesn’t show anything on the updates page, even though the plugin notification icon was showing there was an update…

    I also get this problem, but on a single installation of WordPress and not on my other WordPress Multisite. I’m using Pretty Link Pro in both cases.

    Perhaps it’s a plugin conflict or something about the update to WordPress 3.4(.1).

    Plugin Author cartpauj


    This will be fixed in 1.6.1. The problem was with WordPress 3.4+, they changed the way plugin updates are handled. We apologize for the problem, and are working to get 1.6.1 out, there are a handful of other fixes, and features we are still working before it will be released.

    It’s been 4 weeks, and WordPress annoys me daily with a Pretty Link update that’s not needed. Why not help the community of users and ship out a quick fix instead of waiting to load it up with more stuff? This is pretty annoying both by the plugin and how slowly it’s being fixed.

    Nickth, I completely agree. I can’t understand why it’s been so long. I’m a premium customer of Pretty Links and all I’ve heard is .. they’re working on it, but no fix has been provided. I am also not happy with how long this is taking. Geez! I mean 4 weeks (weeks!) ago, they Cartpauj said it would be fixed in 1.6.1. I really think they should release a or something with just a fix for this and forget about waiting for all the other “features” they are also working on. But, I guess we have no choice but to wait. I just thought that they would have provided a fix (at least) to their paying customers by now. But I guess not. I just wanted to share my dissatisfaction with the decision of Pretty Links and how they are choosing to handle this.

    Agreed, I would love a version just to fix this issue. I am really tired of constantly seeing the update notifications every hour of the day…

    Still facing this on both single and MS sites. This is unfortunately very very annoying. What’s the hangup guys? This isn’t common (particularly for us Pro users). Paul & Blair, can I assist in beta testing a patch or something else you may need added hands for? Lets get this fixed pronto.

    Plugin Author cartpauj


    Those who are interested in replacing a single file, to make this go away until we get the 1.6.1 release out can download the file below.

    The file that needs to be replaced is: … /wp-content/plugins/pretty-link/classes/models/PrliUpdate.php

    Thanks, and will the plugin still automatically notice when the next release is available, or has the update check been removed completely?

    Plugin Author cartpauj


    This is the final updated file, it will work normally for new updates as expected, without the annoyance of continually being asked to update to the currently installed version 🙂

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