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    I just bought Pretty Link Pro yesterday, and never tried the Lite first; it was the first time I looked at the program and bought it right away when I saw that it’s been what I’ve been looking for. It looks great!

    I’m a Commission Junction affiliate, and when I grab a link from their site it has the following checkoffs:
    Encrypt link? Yes or No
    Set link to open a new browser window? Yes or No
    Hide tracking code in link? Yes or No
    SID _____ (Fill in if you want to give it a code for your purposes)

    I am not sure how I should answer the questions when using Pretty Link Pro. I am fairly new to affiliate marketing also, so I want to be careful not to break any rules (especially on CJ). I also don’t want to upset or slow down Google by incorrect links.

    Can you please help me get started with PLP and suggest how I should answer the above? I don’t know if by saying Yes to encrypt the link, if this would be double encrypting in PLP. Same with hiding the tracking code.

    Also, can you please explain what ‘Parameter forwarding’ means and give me a little example of how you use it? I think it relates to my question above and would like to understand it so I know how to use it in PLP.

    Thank you for your help,


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    Encrypt link? Yes or No – Sure – This one probably won’t make a huge difference, Pretty Link Pro, won’t double encrypt it, Pretty Link Pro just creates a copy of it, using your domain name instead of CJ’s. But when the user clicks on the Pretty Link version they are redirected to the CJ version. This can be helpful for SEO if you use the 301 type redirect on your Pretty Links. “Cloaking will hide the CJ url from the user completely, but may be against CJ’s TOS”.

    Set link to open a new browser window? Yes or No – No, you can do this in Pretty Link Pro instead.

    Hide tracking code in link? Yes or No – Yes, this will allow you to track your hits on CJ’s website.

    SID _____ (Fill in if you want to give it a code for your purposes) – Unless you’re doing something advanced, just leave this blank.

    What is Parameter Forwarding? – Parameters are key/value pairs of information that you can pass along to a website in the URL. A key is an identifier, and the value is the actual data that key refers to. Take the following URL for example: In that URL, there are three keys, “action”, “affiliate”, and “id”. Each one of them holds a value, “track”, “john”, and “000123”. Now when that link is visited, knows exactly what to do. Perhaps it stores a hit in the database for the affiliate named “john” for product “00123” which he is promoting. This is just one of countless uses for parameters.

    Should I use Parameter Forwarding? – Chances are No! Parameter forwarding is for advanced users only who need to pass extra information along with their Pretty Links.

    Thanks! You covered that very well.

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