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    This looked like a lifesaver (our HTML expert was muttering dark curses about WP’s markup behavior) so we installed it. Unfortunately, WP promptly began not displaying line breaks, due to the disabling of paragraph tags.

    Everything went back to normal when we deactivated the plugin, of course, but we won’t be able to use it until you add that feature in, as you mentioned would be possible in future releases (in the FAQ).

    Any chance of that happening any time soon?

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  • Plugin Author MarcusPope


    Hi Dave, so I’m not sure what went wrong in your case. Even though my plugin disables the default paragraph tag insertion behavior of WordPress it does not disable paragraph tags altogether.

    And in the case of where default paragraph tags would be inserted, br tags are inserted instead. So you should at least be seeing line-breaks as caused by the br tag.

    Does your site include css rules that hide or disable the block rendering of br’s? And did you try to manually add those paragraph tags back into a test post to see if that resolved the problem?

    I ran into a similar problem when integrating Marcus’ plug-in with TinyMCE. The problem went away when I installed the plugin TinyMCE Advanced and CHECKED the box “Stop removing <br /> and <p> tags when saving and show them in the HTML editor.” You will find this box in the “Advanced Options” section of the TinyMCE Advanced settings page.

    If you already have TinyMCE Advanced installed with this box checked, then try unchecking it to see if that resolves the problem.

    Plugin Author MarcusPope


    @cwlee_klagroup – Thanks a bunch for filling me in on some of the work arounds you’ve used for this plugin. I’m in the midst of releasing a new version that will address some of these issues as well as the comment problem you reported in the other threads. I’ll be sure to credit your help in the readme.

    @davetrow – I’m going to install tinymce advanced to see what is happening to the content. I’ve also discovered a situation that might explain the problem you were having, and I’m working to fix that now. If you get a chance to try it and are still having problems please feel free to contact me directly at any email address to

    I’m also in the midst of creating a real support site for these plugins on my own domain. But I’m also preparing for the birth of my daughter which is currently expected around early October 🙂 Assuming she doesn’t arrive this week, you’ll at least have a new version to try.

    Thanks again!



    That’s awesome Marcus! Have you also figured out a way to stop TinyMCE from commenting out PHP code as well? That’s one thing I haven’t found a way to work around yet.

    Plugin Author MarcusPope


    @davetrow – I doubt you’ll consider three months “soon” but the good news is version 1.2 has a feature just for you. With the plugin activated, you can go into Admin > Settings > Writing and look for Fix Existing Content. You’ll find a new section for correcting the data in your database. It basically updates the database content with a version that is passed through wpautop one last time. Backup your database before you use this feature because it updates all posts and past revisions. But, it does fix the problem you experienced with the last verions.

    Unfortunately when I originally read your post I didn’t realize you were talking about previously written content no rendering properly. I was thinking you had problems creating new content. I had yet to use the plugin on a pre-existing site so it wasn’t until last week that I realized the real problem you were referring to.

    Anyway, hope you get a chance to try it out. The new features are also pretty awesome from my perspective, so in addition to better markup you’ll also get a better user experience.

    @cwlee – I’m pretty sure you posted elsewhere that you figured out the php code issue already, if not feel free to open a new thread and I’ll keep it on my todo list for future plugins.



    Thanks for the follow-up, but our HTML expert was so traumatized by the experience that she’s unwilling to try it again. It’s a commercial site (an online bookstore), so until we set up a sandbox (if ever), we’ll have to pass.

    Plugin Author MarcusPope


    @davetrow – I completely understand your position. It’s one of my cheif complaints about WordPress (not having an easy-to-try staging environment built into the setup.) And yeah, having to test out my plugin on production is something even I’d be wary of honestly – especially with the issue just reported in the forums about tab switching being broken in some circumstances.

    Alas, hopefully you will get a sandbox going someday or at least get to try it out on a new project sometime in the future. I promise it will make you mutter fewer words about the markup behavior in WordPress 🙂

    I’m going to mark this one as resolved in light of the situation.


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