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    I just upgraded Preserve Html plugin and all of a sudden I couldn’t switch from html back to the visual editor, or even use the visual editor at all, it is completely messed up. I am using child themes to the Genesis framework.

    At first I thought it was because I was also using Advanced TinyMCE, but tested again with that plugin turned off.

    Right now I have to go back to the previous version, my clients have to use the visual editor and I need to add code to the html editor that can’t be changed.

    This plugin is a lifesaver, but this version is not working for me.

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  • Plugin Author MarcusPope


    Ack! yeah that’s not supposed to happen 🙁 Firstly thanks for letting me know. Definitely sounds like a javascript error is being thrown on tab switch. Can you answer the following questions for me?

    1. browser type and version
    2. wordpress version
    3. If you know how to enable the dev toolbar for your browser, can you see if there are any script errors being reported?
    4. Is the genesis framework something I can use for free to test with?

    I should be able to fix this pretty quickly but unfortunately I’m not experiencing the same behavior. Any help would be great, and I’ll see what I can do on my end this evening.


    Okay, let me work on those questions.

    Genesis is not a free framework, but I can look to see what javascript it is using.

    I will put up a test site too.

    Be back in a bit.

    Wow, what a weird thing. I installed another test site and everything was working until I added Genesis Responsive Slider (I tested adding other sliders and they too messed it up), then the tabs wouldn’t switch again, and the submenus on the Admin sidebar stopped working too. That happened with every test site where I had Preserved HTML Editor and a javascript slider. But only in Safari. Firefox and SeaMonkey were working.

    So I went back to the original site I was working on, and I am still having the issue of being stuck on the html tab and I can’t switch. It doesn’t matter if the slideshow is on or off. I tried to put the same plugins on a test site, but I can’t recreate the issue. Now something else weird, I just loaded this problem site on my laptop and the site is working.

    It is so weird that it is intermittent and only Safari. I will restart my computer, maybe some Apple javascript thing is tweaked on this machine only (it is a MacPro so a good computer)

    Well, since I have been testing this for quite awhile, I do see on all the sites I tested intermittant issues when a slider is added. And only in Safari. Will report once I restart if that one site is still stuck.

    Oops, it is getting late, I left out in the first paragraph that restarting Safari helped with some of the sites and having the slideshow turned off before installing Preserved Html editor. I got all the test sites to work, and hoping the original site that started this all will behave on this computer after a complete restart.

    Well, a computer restart didn’t fix the problem, but clearing cache and cookies did fix it.

    What exactly was happening was that the visual editor would not load in at all, it wasn’t there, so clicking on the html tab would bring up the html, but it would not toggle back to visual after that on any page. And even if I didn’t make any changes, if I tried to leave the page, I would be asked if I wanted to leave or stay on the page. If I turned off the Preserved HTML editor plug in off, the visual editor would load in and I could toggle between html and visual.

    Probably the javascripts were clashing. It seemed better to have the Slider turned off when installing Preserved HTML editor, then turning it on after the editor is installed.

    Must be some wonky Safari issues, I just updated it too.

    This plugin is a life saver and worth all the time to get it working (my clients also use Safari) I need to put javascript into posts for things like third party ticket sales and I also need clients to be about to use the visual editor on those pages as well. Same with some javascript galleries, I need the clients to be able to change the image order or add images while having some javascript code in the post as well. This plugin allows me to do all of that, it is just fabulous. Thank you for this plugin!

    Plugin Author MarcusPope


    Wow, this is pretty strange. I just verified it works with Safari 5.1.7 on Windows 7. I’d be really interested in seeing the js code associated with the genesis responsive slider – perhaps you could send me a jsfiddle link if it’s just one file (any email to will reach me.) Or if you have a staging environment that I could check out that would be perfect.

    The only other design consideration I knowingly didn’t account for was if another plugin required the use of tinyMCE’s ‘setup’ function parameter. This is usually configured via the ‘tiny_mce_before_init’ wp hook. The first parameter is an array, and if another plugin sets the array key ‘setup’ to some other value my plugin will either not work or break the other plugin depending on execution order. I didn’t see a quick solution to this potential problem because the infrastructure does not support an array of setup events, just one value, and I was under a time crunch to finish the work. I verified that TinyMCE Advanced didn’t conflict, so I left it at that. If you could verify that hook either doesn’t exist or doesn’t alter the ‘setup’ key for me that would help me isolate the problem.

    Thanks for helping out with this,

    The new Safari for Mac does have some big changes, no doubt that is what was happening. But for some reason I didn’t try other browsers. Also I use Advanced TinyMCE, but turning it off had no effect, the built in visual editor wouldn’t load.

    It is a strange thing for sure and will only effect very few people. But I will email you links to my staging site that I set up. I only set it up to test this plugin so you can work with it all you wish.

    Plugin Author MarcusPope


    Thanks for helping out with a live staging site. It’s unfortunate that Apple decided to drop support of Safari on windows, but I have an old mbpro I can dust off to test with. I’m going to be a little delayed on this ticket because my cat had a seizure two days ago and I took off from work to care for her. The good news is she’s better, but it will probably take me a couple days to catch up on work. (Not to mention my wife and I are still preparing for the birth of our daughter! :D)

    But given everything you supplied, I should be able to resolve this for you pretty quickly once I jump on it.

    Oh, I didn’t know Apple isn’t supporting Safari on Windows, that is too bad. But most likely very few Windows folks used it.

    I think this issue is very isolated, I am wondering if it just wasn’t something that didn’t load in correctly on my Mac Pro, my MacBook Pro wasn’t having the issue, but hard to say since I was doing so many things (installing, uninstalling, turning off, turning on different plugins) while testing. I wonder too if the auto update had something to do with it, the issue cleared up once I deleted cookies and cleared the cache. Obviously it shouldn’t be high priority to fix since it has cleared up for me, and maybe I was the only one with the issue!

    Glad to hear you cat is better, had health issues with my pet pot belly pig, after many vet visits all is well now, but it is all consuming when pets get sick, I am still catching up on projects from this spring as I couldn’t work either. Best wishes on the upcoming birth too.

    Let me know if there is anything else I can do to help.

    This has also happened to me. I am using the latest version of wordpress 3.4.1, windows as OS and chrome as browser. I can’t use the visual editor also. I have deactivated the plugin and all went back to normal. If I can’t use the plugin now is there a way to download a previous version just to get it work again. It is a very useful plugin and it is exactly what I was looking for!

    I did get it to finally work, but until I could, I also went back to the previous version, I have a copy that I uploaded here

    I hope the issue can be found and fixed, this plugin is really needed for anyone needing to put advanced html in wordpress

    thank you very much. It worked like a charm!!

    Plugin Author MarcusPope


    Thanks @dreamdancerdesign for posting the old version, I’m shocked doesn’t offer links to past versions, but alas I could have pushed a copy from the svn repository. I’ll be sure to add links to past version on my support site once it’s up and running.

    @nikoskleidis – I’ll have this problem fixed soon, glad to hear it’s a problem for you on windows which is my primary development platform. It would really help out if you could list the other plugins you’re using on your site. If you prefer to email me you can do so to any address at


    Hi Marcus, glad it was okay to post your plugin on my site. I know you are super busy right now, wanted to help out.

    I had a problem after updating. In Visual Editor Advanced TimeMCE buttons did not display. Displayed content was WHITE – so it looked like not there but just hightlight. However – it was the html markup. I deactivated Ultimate TinyMCE and reactivated. Did not fix. Deactivated Preserved HTML Editor – fixed the problem. Reactivated Preserved HTML – did not work again.
    I like your plugin. Please fix it!
    I’m on WordPress 3.4.1 and Firefox 14.0.1.

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