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  • Plugin Author scribu


    Do you mean in the metabox or in The Loop or where? More context please. kthnxbye.

    It’s within the loop on a custom post type archive page. Using your docs I’ve set the reciprocal connection like:

    <?php $connected = p2p_type( 'progs_to_progs' )->get_connected( $post->ID );
    	p2p_list_posts( $connected, array(
    	'before_list' => '',
    	'after_list'  => '',
    	'separator'   => ', Master of ',
    ) ); ?>

    We’ve tried a couple ways to do a string replacement on the title that gets output, but had no luck.

    In the query I’m setting a variable:

    $datitle = get_the_title();

    Then directly before the connection I have:

    <?php echo str_replace(' (Master’s)', '',$datitle) ?>

    I’m looking to do the same replacement on the_title output from the connected posts so the output will read as:

    Aerospace Engineering, Master of Engineering, Master of Applied Science

    Currently, it reads as:

    Aerospace Engineering, Master of Engineering (Master’s), Master of Applied Science (Master’s)

    *with Master of Engineering (Master’s) and Master of Applied Science (Master’s) being the items connected to Aerospace Engineering in the output

    Plugin Author scribu


    If you check the docs again, you will see that p2p_list_posts() is no longer used, precisely because it’s hard to customize:

    Ok thanks, I’ll go back and read things more thoroughly. I was going by this page here, and everything worked fine, until I started looking at the need for the string replacement.

    I’m guessing some of the info in Looping the Loop is where I should be focusing my efforts?

    Just came back to follow up, and close this ticket. Thanks for doing that already.

    So, minus some smaller stuff like a separator, the Looping the Loop section worked perfectly! So now, within the loop I have:

    	$connected = p2p_type( 'progs_to_progs' )->get_connected( $post );
    	while ( $connected->have_posts() ) : $connected->the_post();
    	$connectedtitle = get_the_title();
    	echo str_replace(' (Master’s)', '',$connectedtitle);

    Thanks scibu! Appreciate the help, as well as this awesome plugin!

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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