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    On my site I set up Custom Content Types with Types and made some nice connections with posts2posts 1.3. This works together with WPML so that I can make the connections in one language and also in a second language.

    But when I upgrade to Types 1.0 I can no longer make connections in the second language. That is because if I am in the second language only the possible connections to the wrong/first language appear in the connection admin box.
    Also in the frontend the connections in the second language dissappear. Is this something that can be improved / corrected in Posts2posts or Types? Where could I look for some help…. any pointers are much appreciated…. thanks

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  • I did some more testing and I think it’s a bug in WPML. I’ll ask there…. thanks…

    Plugin Author scribu


    There’s also this:

    Thanks, I hadn’t found that one. By now I gave it a try. But I’m on WPML 2.4.3 and P2P 1.3 and it’s not working properly.

    I found out though that (without Cubica’s plugin) the error is this:

    If I am using the general language switch on top of the page “Only connectable posts in the current language are shown in the P2P metaboxes:”. So that’s good.

    Mostly I used the edit pencil in the WPML language box on the right when editing a post to go to edit in the other language. But than it goes wrong and only “Only connectable posts in the default language are shown in the P2P metaboxes:”.

    Is this something that can be corrected via the P2P plugin somehow? I also described the problem to Types/WPML but no progress there yet.

    Thanks a lot!

    Plugin Author scribu


    As I’ve said in previous threads, I have no interest in adding WPML compatibility code into P2P (that’s why P2P-WPML sprang up, but it seems like it’s not maintained anymore).

    ok, thanks for your quick and clear response.

    As scribu wrote, it’s very difficult to maintain tiny ‘special’ plugins over time. Whenever one of the ‘main’ plugins change, it requires testing and adjustments. Unless there’s a very large user base, these glue plugins often get left behind.

    If you have narrowed-down the issue between WPML and P2P, please report it in our forum. Mention ‘for Amir’ and I’ll see that it gets added as a bug report. We handle all bug reports for each new release and we’ll make sure that this is handled as well.

    Alternatively, you might be interested to know that Types 1.0 supports parent / child relationship as well. We’re putting a lot of effort into compatibility between Types, Views and WPML.

    There is an issue with the plugin in WordPress 3.3.2:

    I made a bug rapport in the WPML forum too.

    Many thanks for your help!

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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