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  • Continuing on my project where I have 2 post_types, (movies, actors).

    Your code snippets are properly allowing me to relate the two post types as expected.

    Here is what I am trying to fix:
    1. I create 2 post_types (movies, actors)

    This gives me 2 separate admin top level input areas, so I have top level movies and actors.

    What I am trying to do, is change the layout of the admin UI, so that I have one top level button, movies, and actors becomes a sub of movies.

    example admin layout right now:
    — edit movies
    — add movies
    — edit Actors
    — add Actors

    What I am trying to get to is as follows:
    — edit movies
    — add movies
    — edit actors
    — add actors

    That way when the user is on the wp admin page, there is only one post_type ‘movies’ in the dropdown.

    With only 2 post_types, it’s not to bad, but when I start adding in others, I can see where my wp admin UI is going to get really cluttered very fast. Movies alone could have post_types, actors, directors, genres, many more…

    I know if I used taxonomies, then everything would automatically appear below the ‘Movies’ admin UI button, but that is not possible for this project.

    For example, if I were just adding in an actors name, then taxonomy would be perfect. However I want to allow the user to add actors name, image, description, etc.. which I believe is better suited to it’s own custom post_type.

    Is there a workaround to reorder my admin UI for post_types, to relate the management of one post_type to another?


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  • This is outside the scope of this plugin.

    You will have to do some hacking with the $menu global.

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