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  • Resolved RonaldMcCallum


    when I click on ‘Run Postie’ the email transfers to the blog,


    although the ‘Mailserver’ setting is set to update ‘every ten minutes’ this is not happening.

    I can see the email in the specified mailbox but the automated update is not happening.

    Is there something else I should set up?

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  • Steve


    Postie is a great concept.

    I have the same issue though, not sure if I’ve missed something?

    Also when the email is sent to the specified post by email address (then Postie is run manually) it adds it as a post but if the post by email address is used as cc or bcc it doesn’t appear (even if run manually). Is it only designed to work if the address is in the to field?

    Same issue here… but on a multi-site setup.

    Although it has posted automatically ONCE when I was not looking! Very strange.

    Same problem!
    But it USED TO work!!!

    so… any idea WHEN it broke? was it the upgrade to 1.4.2 maybe?

    I just tried with 1.4.1 (in place of current version 1.4.2) and nothing changes…

    My problem is also on a multi site installation.

    Haven’t found a solution yet

    Something weird : postie just checked my IMAP mail account. So 2 days after sending the email, my post is online (with the date and hour of the email, not today)… But it’s set to check every 10 minutes!

    It works but, very very slowly! 😉

    jauphrwa, i had that happen ONCE too… but never again since then 🙁

    Maybe the persons how said it works (WP 3.1 + Postie 1.4.2) could tell us what are their options and mail account settings (gmail, own server,…)? It could be also good to click on “Broken” button on the plugin’s page :

    Once more, it worked but : post was online today at 20:37 and email was sent yesterday on 11:53 (and the post is timestamped with the date of yesterday).
    I don’t understand…

    Postie woke up?
    This evening I sent an email on 21:43, it was online on 22:28!

    … very strange…

    Can’t understand : another one sent yesterday at 22:42, online today at 8:37…

    Now nothing since 2 days and an email is waiting in the “Incoming mailbox”…

    Has anyone tried Crony Cronjob Manager or WP-Crontrol (which still seems to work even on 3.1 in multi-site mode!) to see if the postie cron job is listed?

    I see check_postie_hook there, corresponding with the hourly setting I configured in Postie settings… Looks OK but will test with it (deleting and adding it manually, firing it manually or what not) to find out more.

    Thanks for this!

    I also have

    Function 		Schedule 	Next Run 		Arguments
    check_postie_hook 	Twice per hour 	mar 9, 2011 @ 11:22 	N/A

    Postie is set “twice per hour”…

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 23 total)
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