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  • Resolved drperil


    Even in the admin panel the tabs don’t display.
    I’ve tried it with a fresh install and no other plugins. I just get a list of the tabs and blocks of paragraph lorem ipsum.

    Any help on this would be much appreciated. If there is a known-error or conflict or something? (I’m using twenty ten if that matters)

    —- Edit —–

    But it does function on my prod server (hidden page). perhaps MAMP does something weird to it?

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  • Plugin Author Mark / t31os


    Sorry for not replying sooner, have been tied up the last few days.

    Can you check the source of the problem pages and verify the script and/or css paths are being produced correctly, additionally if the paths do look correct, test those script paths directly in the browser(there were some issues with the cookie script 404’ing, but i thought i had that resolved – simple test would be to disable the cookie option).

    Hey no biggie, We’re all busy, and I totally works on Prod 🙂

    I’ll have to look at my Dev box on Monday, it’s at the office :S But i’ll spend a bit of time trying to reproduce the problem on my home machine. If I get it error out I’ll post the results.

    I install that plugin – it’s nice, but [tab name=”Your tab name 1″]Your tab content[/tab]
    “Your tab name 1” “Your tab name 2” “Your tab name 3” not work correctly – everything it’s mix/join, nobody can’t read

    I am getting the same problem.

    One of the pages work fine for me. but a different one seems to pull all the data from each different tab!

    Great plugin and hope this gets fixed. Thanks

    Plugin Author Mark / t31os


    Can you provide some more details about the problems you guys are experiencing?

    When i say details i simply mean please provide some steps for me to reproduce the problem(s) you’re having so i can debug… 🙂

    Also, please be sure to post the configuration settings you’re using, just so i have a better idea of how you are configuring the plugin for your particular site.

    Good day everyone!

    I’m having a problem using this great plug-in inside a page template, details are here. Asking just in case anybody here knows an answer …

    Not sure what details will help. It only happens with a standard install of MAMP, WP 3.x, Twenty Ten, and no other plugins (I assume other plugins would mix things up more).

    I feel like it’s probably a MAMP issue, but every once in a blue moon the Preview function in Prod fails, but the tabs are always there when the page is finally published.

    On an unrelated note, any plans to add tab start and stop buttons to TinyMCE?

    Plugin Author Mark / t31os


    Hi guys,

    Firstly apologies for the delay in response, i’ve been without access to my data for 8 weeks, so unable to respond or test anything, all i can say here is sorry for leaving you hanging..

    I’d at least need to know what options you have set for the plugin, ie. the settings provided by the plugin, which you have enabled / disabled, etc..

    Screenshots would be extremely helpful to.

    @arni – Please see the FAQ on the plugin page, the shortcodes cannot go on the same line, they must be spaced out for the shortcodes to function correctly, this is not a plugin restriction but a shortcode one(not something i can fix).

    @Graveyard – Rather than writing the code yourself, just have your template pull in a page/post that uses the shortcodes, that way you’ll avoid the problem you’re having.

    @drperil – Preview only works when skins are enabled, beyond that i’ve not found any problems with preview, if you can give me a way to replicate the issue though i’ll be more than happy to work on a fix.

    RE: Tab start and stop in TinyMCE
    That’s a pretty good idea, i don’t see why not, i’ll consider making that an option in a future release. I don’t like the idea of forcing features onto users, so if i can get it into the plugin it will be as an optional feature.

    Please though guys, if you want me to work on fixing a bug i need you to ideally provide steps for me to reproduce the problem you’re having, even if it’s something as simple as having me create a post with specific content or loading a page with a specific browser. I test the code locally, and i also upload it to a remote testing site to ensure it works there to, i can’t really do any more than that without your input on how to reproduce the issues you describe.

    EDIT: No further input from the original poster(s), marking resolved. Feel free to start a new thread if you need further help.

    This is a great plugin! I love the way the tabs appear, and that there is a selection of so many I can choose from. Thank you for that.

    I would like to know how I can edit the css for each of the tab styles? I’m using one I really like and just want to change the font, and the link color. Right now the text is too tight, and the links don’t have color, just black like the rest of the text.

    So, is it possible for me to get to the css for each existing tab style to change font and apply a link color, or should I just apply styles with the post on each tab?

    Thank you! Dana

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