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    If you would get 2 more minutes to read the descriptions and many of the help replies on this forum you would find out that the plugin works fine with Posts and not Pages, or any non hierarchical post types.
    So, is it worth for you the bad ratting you placed against our work to maintain free plugins? No offense but you should just make sure first about how this works


    Then I would suggest you not call the plugin “Post Types Order” since it gives the idea that you might actually create a plugin to allow us to “Order Post Types”. Custom post types are just that, post types, like the plugins title describes. Plugin should be gold “Blog Posts Order” or using much better English, “Order Blog Posts”. Because the plugin doesn’t do what the plugin name assumes, I give it a bad rating.

    let me jump in. It does allow sorting of custom post types. I have done that on other projects. The problem is it does NOT appear for custom post types defined by using the ‘Types’ plugin

    So any ideas on why it does not work with Types? Types is free maybe you guys could see what is wrong. Is Types not defining something?

    I got this sorted. I will post the reply from the makers of Types in case it is of use to others.
    The problem as explained by wp-types is this…..
    “The Re-Order option isnt added to Pages or to any other hierarchical custom type.”

    I had no idea what hierarchical custom type meant so I asked which led to a 1 checkbox solution! Thanks to Caridad at the ICanLocalize forum (makers of Types)…

    “WordPress stores everything in the posts table: posts, pages and custom types. When you create a custom type (or custom post type, its the same) you get the chance to define it hierarchical or not. Post Types Order plugin works with non-hierarchical post types.

    For example, pages are hierarchical: they have parents and can be displayed in a tree structure. And posts are not: they have no parents and we list them one after the other.

    Edit your custom type and you will see a ‘hierarchical’ checkbox that you need to uncheck for the ‘Post Types Order’ plugin to add a ‘Re-order’ option to the menu.”

    I haven’t tried the the plugin since you have addressed this problem. In what version of the plugin was the issue addressed? I’ll remove my 1 star rating just for the fact that you actually support the plugin. Good work guys.

    To clear things up, I am not from support I just had the same problem and found the answer after reading your post, so I thought I would share.
    The paid support at ‘Types’ plugin explained it.
    The problem was never with ‘Post Types Order’, it is the way you create custom post types in the ‘Types’ plugin.
    When you create a Custom Post Type in ‘Types’ on the advanced panel is a checkbox for “hierarchical”
    1. If it is checked the new post type acts like a page, it can have parent/child relationships. This will not work for ‘Post Types Order’. It is nice that you have this option but most of the time you do not need it checked.
    2. If you have it unchecked your custom post type will behave like a true “post”. No parent/child situation. This will work with ‘Post Types Order’

    Huh, so basically it still doesn’t work with “all custom post types”. Thats pretty lame since you can obviously order custom post types… they have an “order” property and I’ve already found another plugin that works just fine with all posts and pages of any post type.

    what are you using?

    So that is the opposite. It only works with hierarchical post types. Pages yes, Posts No, hierarchical custom posts yes.
    So it comes down to do you want your Custom Post Types hierarchical or not.



    mgason and what if, for example, I have a hierarchical custom post type, and a non-hierarchical custom post type, and I want both to be sortable? Or, in another example, I’m using an Image slider plugin which adds slides as cpts (i.e. I have no way of controlling if the cpt is hierarchical or not), and want to sort those?

    sethmatics thanks for the link. Unfortunately, I can’t get that other plugin work for any other post type except pages.

    Yes, apparently no one plugin allows sorting of all post types.

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