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    Hi. love the plugin, really handy.

    I’ve used the plugin in a newly launched entertainment news website and have run into a couple of bugs.

    The first and most pressing is that it doesn’t seem to work for JPG images. When you load the modal window to select the thumbnails the original image on the left and all the different sizes on the right don’t load the image, (little broken image signal appears). I think it may have been working at SOME point for jpgs, but certainly not anymore. PNGs are fine however.

    The second issue might be less of a bug and more of a suggestion: as we post many posts to the same category, we’d like to be able to reuse the same image from the media library and have the thumbnails we have already created carry over to the new posts. Is this possible? At the moment it seems like the editor has to reselect the thumbnail areas each time, and as we have 3 different sizes we cater for this can quickly become repetitive.

    Once again, even with the bugs the plugin has proved to be a vital tool, so thanks for all the work you’ve put in so far!

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  • Plugin Author sewpafly


    I haven’t seen the JPG issue before. That’s pretty wild. Hopefully you can help me debug the issue a little bit… Can you enable debugging (Settings -> Post Thumbnail Editor)? After you run the steps to duplicate the issue, click the debug tab to see a log. If you can post that here (you might have to use pastebin for the log messages), hopefully that will give us enough information to move forward with.

    For issue/suggestion #2, I’m unclear exactly how you are using the media gallery in relation to posts. (In wordpress, both an image and a written entry — among others — are actually considered posts). When you say you are reusing an image, are you uploading it multiple times, or just once? Are you trying to associate one image with a category? Are you trying to associate every post in the same category with the same image?

    Thanks for the speedy reply! I posted the log from the JPG issue here:

    For the second issue we’re only uploading the image once, but say if we have a news post about some new movie, and then a week later theres some more news about the same movie, we were hoping to save time by setting it as the featured image for both posts and not having to set the thumbnails each time. As far as I can tell this isn’t the case at the moment, but maybe I’m mistaken?

    Plugin Author sewpafly


    Looking at the log you can see the WARNING messages… These mean that wordpress couldn’t or wouldn’t create thumbnails of your picture. (This usually means the image is smaller than the proposed image size — I don’t have logging information to double check this — I’m adding it now). So you can check to see if your images width & height is smaller than your thumbnails widths and heights (Settings -> Media). That is the reason for the X’s in the interface.

    WordPress doesn’t want to create an image larger than the base image (it typically gets pixelly, but PTE doesn’t care, so if you crop your image and click select all (or select the thumbnails you want to edit) the rest of the process should work well. PTE will show you the proposed new images before it updates anything in the database, so you can always preview the pixelly pictures before you’ve committed to them.

    For issue #2, I uploaded a picture. Modified the thumbnails with PTE. Wrote a post and assigned in the picture as a featured image (through the media gallery). Added a second post and assigned it the same featured image. Then I looked at the thumbnails. They were identical (both in data and URL). I then used PTE to modify the thumbnails again and they updated the thumbnails for both posts.

    So everything looks good BUT there is one caveat. When you add a picture into the post body whether it’s the featured image or not, wordpress hardcodes the thumbnail information (e.g. url, width, and height). If you modify the thumbnail size (settings -> media) this could get out of sync. (It can also occur if you don’t use the same aspect ratio when you use PTE: assuming your medium thumbnail is 300×300 and it gets cropped to a skinnier 200×300). So watch out for that. I’ll add some code in the next version to optionally search through old posts and update any conflicts. (

    Let me know if you have any questions.

    Thanks again for the response.

    I tried uploading a jpg image that was larger than all the image sizes set for posts and it’s still presenting the same error. The error log I got is here:

    Many thanks for all your help

    Plugin Author sewpafly


    Are you using the wordpress uploader?

    Can you install the latest build from and then get me the logs? (There are a couple bug fixes + some more logging).

    Yeah I’m using the wordpress uploader.

    Updated logs from the latest build are here:

    Plugin Author sewpafly


    WordPress (wp-includes/media.php:image_get_intermediate_size) returns false (which it apparently is doing here) on two occasions:

    1. after imagedata = wp_get_attachment_metadata($post_id) if imagedata isn’t an array.
    2. if imagedata['sizes'][$size] doesn’t exist.

    I can’t tell which is the case, but I’m guessing that you’re seeing the results from #2.

    If you use PTE to create the thumbnails for the images, these errors should go away. If you use PTE and select the entire image and the rows that have the red x’s in them and then build those thumbnails, Do the red x’s go away the next time you edit the thumbnails?

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